Musket needs a rework

My issue with the musket is a couple of things.

  1. Terrible in PVE compared to bow or any other dps weapon
  2. Degenerate PVP gameplay (standing miles away raycast hitting people with 3 x zoom in my opinion is not good for the game and can never be balanced.
  3. Really bad abilities to pick from in comparison to other weapons. This is most likely due
    to trying to balance musket around being able to raycast hit somebody across the map.

Great Passives but Bad Abilities
Musket has some great passives, but in my opinion we need one passive that makes musket Viable in PVE. Something that gives it damage against bosses (like Bow Rapid fire), or AOE that actually is good (Give grenade a AOE burn or something).

Raycast hit\no travel time is bad for the game
I dont think new world is a better game by having snipers in the game with raycast instant hit bullets. Nobody really likes it and it only reduces the skill cap of the musket. Nerf the sniper stuff but give us more damage the closer we are to promote less degenerate gameplay.

  • Grenade is useless in small scale - Grenade is super difficult to get off, and even if you manage to land grenade on a player they can just roll just as it explodes to immune the damage, making the grenade useless against any good player, and a bad pick. You even lose 1-2 seconds of shooting by throwing the grenade so its not really worth it.

  • Traps throw distance is terrible, give us some range so we can actually set up a trap. Its strong but at the same time, any strength user can use grit to break the trap running over it, so its very avoidable by people that understand grit.

  • Change the trapper trees “Lethal Combo - 20% musket damage to trapped targets” to something more useful, You cant get traps off in PVE you hardly get them off enough for this to matter in PVP. Nobody runs this for all round musket gameplay compared to the 3x zoom + 15% damage increase…

  • Powershot is kind of useless - Give powershot penerating so at least its useful in large scale. If you compare powershot to other weapon skill trees its just a really weak ability.

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Great Passives? sorry bruh, the whole dmg stack from passives (the one that everyone prioritize obviously) relied on hitting the exact same target as fast as possible

With a weapon that has the slowest basic attack speed mechanic (passives/actives not included). it is clear as skies that the whole tree and weapon core mechanic are contradict between each other, which resulting in very speisic build with barely any diversity at all.

Heya @frosty.itch! Thank you for your feedback about the Musket. We work hard to bring balance to all weapons and your feedback helps tremendously! I will pass this along to the Development team to review. :slightly_smiling_face: