Musket nerfs on PTR

Here to give my thoughts on the new musket balance changes on the PTR.

I know many are wanting musket to be nerfed however the changes that are coming just don’t make sense. Hear me out… this is supposed to be a ranged skill based weapon so only the top 0.0001% of good musket players (exaggeration) will take a hit on this. I myself have 3000h on ranged dex dps on New World and I agree the musket needs attention, its a 3rd party weapon that has way too much of an impact on PVP if left unattended. I believe there is a much better way to go about balancing the weapon than making it a RNG machine.

I think the bloom idea is okay however its way too extreme on the PTR. The bloom should be based on movement and time between shots so ranged players can focus shots if needed. I believe this would keep some of the skill it takes to play the weapon there. I also think Power Shot needs to be removed and replaced with buff. Call this new skill focus shot and it is a timed buff that reduces the bloom on the musket maybe improving accuracy by 20-30% for 6 seconds.

It hurts to say this as a musket main but the weapon NEEDS damage nerf. One way the damage can be “nerfed” is splitting the base damage across multiple shots and just having the musket shoot faster. For example shooting a 50 con healer normally takes 3 shots. If the reload time was faster and that same damage was spread out across 4-5 shots (meaning it takes more skill and accuracy to kill someone) I think this would be a better solution. the 50 con healer would have more opportunity to dodge/heal when hit the first time if the damage was spread out between more/faster shots.

These are just my thoughts and ideas on how they could of went about this issue rather than ruining a weapon.

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We all know this change is just crazy bad. Haters are happy and people who were min-maxing their builds are now demotivated to continue playing or create other builds. In my opinion nerfs should be added but not like this. Balance is supposed to make everything playable, not completly unuseable and garbage. To be honest - musket role is to be sniper but after next patch even blunderbuss will have better accuracy than musket and bow will be new stick sniper rifle which is sad.

If this patch will go like it is now, I will probably lose completly my enjoyment from playing and crafting in this game. Why I should do it if next patch may make my whole build or item which I was working for month or more complete garbage? For example, I will start to do bow build but 3 months later bows may get destroyed like musket. I can accept changing perks on items or whatever, but not making whole weapon pure garbage to satisfy haters. It feels like devs of this game do not respect their player’s time.

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It is that they have to understand that people who used other weapons have literally been suffering from musket harassment for at least half a year, both in open world PVP and in OPR.

Now people are going to be reluctant to reduce the Nerf of this weapon.

Much of the blame lies with AGS
But part of the blame lies with the community of players who abused the weapon, and who defended it in the forums.

Now it seems that there is no turning back.

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The musket will still work for musket parties that coordinate in OPR. As a solo musket player that prefers trapper, I was hoping for buffs on the CC tree.

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It won’t work.
There’s no RNG that works in a combat action game.
I play trapper musket and since the tree has not the fire rate of shooters stance and you gotta play moving too much since you’re almost at meele range in this condition every shot counts and the game will eventually make you miss just because it wanted you to miss.
This is wrong


I’d like to see a rate of fire decrease and a damage buff. Get rid of bloom when moving the mouse cursor, this is too much and especially makes trapper nerfed badly.

Only that it’s not, you don’t have to calculate bullet travel, bullet drop, predict where your target is gonna be etc… It’s just far too effective and easy to play.

I dont want to get into this argument when the purpose of this post was to shine light on how devs can balance the musket without ruining the weapon.

Yes the weapon is a point and click damage weapon that still means you have to have good tracing and timing to kill an enemy. The range of the weapon and the open map of OPR helps the musket be an easier ranged weapon to use.

The time to kill for the musket is fine however the rate on how that damage is applied is all that needed to be fixed, not introduce a bloom rng mechanic to the game it makes the user feel as if they have less control of their weapon.

PERSONALLY i love playing bow/musket close up in around 50m range, i get satisfaction when a light user tries to kill me up close and i kill them simply by outplaying them. This update will ruin the game for me completely, hitting flick shots wont feel good because i wont know if my shot should have hit them unless i watch a replay. Or if i hit a flick shot up close was my crossair on them or did i get lucky? A melee weapon only has to look in the direction of the enemy in order for their attacks to connect while ranged has to left click on the hit box…if you ask me this takes the skill out the weapon and anyone that argues against that has to be delusional.

They wanted to play a shooter, now they get shooter bloom :moyai:

You know what else is too easy?
Shooting people from distance with a sniper when they have only melee weapons. LOL.


NW is action combat with build in iframes. Most common way to avoid dmg is to iframe what enemy does. Musket does ignore that mechanic.

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OMG really, are you for real?

Musket has the lowest and slowest DPS output comparing to other weapons. That’s why - noone wants musket as DPS for dungeons and mutators, and even at pvp. For pvp unless you use aimbot - you cannot do so much damage and survive at the same time when they focus on you while you wear light armor as a glass cannon musket with less HP…

For that much bloom, low accuracy, bullet trajectory fall down after 50 meters along with DPS drop etc etc, AGS should increase the damage if they give so much nerf.

How musket will do enough damage or get any kills after these nerfs enter officially??? The damage is done dropped so hard. Stop showing me some no-sense streamers to show how thy kill low level monsters in under 50 meters… **** the mob hunting… This game is mainly a pvp game that we mostly play OPR to have fun as random players that queue OPR as random solo where most of the time you are losing by being part of the losing team against PRE-MADE BIS GANG teams…

AGS should buff and re-work the whole trap tree skills and passives.

AGS should buff and re-work the hunting tree skills and passives. That some of the passives are bugged so hard in negative way that skills and passives are not working as intended after AGS nerfs recently that is shown in the public test server.

Right now, with these new nerfs, light armor glass cannon long range builds with Low HP cannot survive in pvp or give enough damage or even defeat an opponent…

Don’t bring us - good pro OP muskets are like that like this. AGS even cannot detect or find aimbot and macro cheaters at this game that their anti-cheat software is not working at all, and AGS never bans any illegal players at this game too… Apart from these, there are many other elements what makes you good musket or bad musket, it is mainly the difference between in game high and low latency along with the FPS drop differences and server lag between players who live near or in Germany or far away from Germany - from New World servers… And to shoot enemy players from far becomes harder when there are visual obstacles between you and your opponent, such as grass, tree, creeper where you even see their name tag you cannot hit them because there is a visual limitation to see long range and you need to wait a little for biome to load in your pc to see the enemy properly. That is to say, these are main reasons what makes a good musket and bad musket but there is no bad musket that we need to mention that the size of bullet is very small that even go through between the enemy leg or even with a small kiting you can miss your shoots easily.

You can enjoy to play musket when you have under 40 ping ms in game low latency, high FPS, best internet and best PC and if needed use Exitlag to lower the ping further…

These so hard high pro muskets think they are something, is mainly because they join these OPR or 3vs3 or fortress sieges with their pre-made BIS geared, team voice team members. You cannot see these people to join random solo OPR where you lose most of the time against other pre-made groups. That’s the other reason why musket seemed as a strong weapon because 3-5 musket attack to the same opponent at the same time. And there is this existent aimbot cheaters and macro users that AGS cannot detect or ban any of them.

Apart from all of these damage, accuracy, bloom effect, change of the crit rate and crit damage nerfs that effect the musket so hard, AGS still nerf even the existent skills and passives further at every patch, WTH really… I really don’t understand what AGS tries to do at this point. From the beginning of the server, I always play as musket as not changed my class to do pvp in OPR, fortress siege or 3vs3. If this public test server goes enter live servers, I will really quit this game once for all to play Throne and Liberty, Quinfall within 2023 or Archeage 2 or Aion 2 or Ashes of Creation within 2024 or 2025. AGS continue like this, this game will be gone that cannot be saved by bias hardcore liars of loyal New World streamers or players act like troll by acting to to call themself as pro players and guilds in a toxic behaviors which same Archeage mentality. Already New World is the new Archeage in every possible ways…

Another game. Another musket with 40 kills, 1 death and pocket healer. And you come and ask why nerf rotfl :smiley: You guys need to visit a doctor.

Try to quess players playing with musket:


the next best thing they could do it to just remove the musket from the game completely, then all the sweating aim botters can go back to their fps games


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