Musket overhaul suggestion from dedicated musket user. [PvP side]

I’m using pristine opal now, which gives 15% damage while not stamina is full.
Also, have crippling powder burn shoes but not using it, due to I’m not using
Kick them when they’re down.

Shooter stance on 1v1 without trap is usually suicide unless they are melee and far away,
so empowering is not that great too, I rather keep getting a bonus of 15% damage of Opal,
while moving/rolling, which I do often that you can check it on videos.

Well, they are just not my style but thx for the suggestion.

Yeah. Bow has superior damage passive while can do combination skill shots like
Long draw [heavy attack] → Pen → Poison thing without problem.

Today, when I talk about “Headshot only gives 800 damage on heavy armor makes me mad”
and also “Skill designed so bad that can’t use during combat, while others can without any problem” one of my company members who use a bow says “You wanna musket being OP?”
so I just got out from them. I’ll also do server transfer, btw. Just horrible.


But you have a lot of useless perk in your build, no?
Critical reload
Called shot resuply
Sniper mode
Empowering headshot
Shoot more

My post is not negative, just wanna help you
There is a big burst based on CC status of your target. Malachite + empowering weakness + kick them. And you don’t need headshots.

Well… Called shot is useless for me, cause I’m not going to spend
3 seconds on ADS for 5% damage.

Critical reload is worth it when I do PvE actions, cause I can land headshots often.
[During shooter stance also proc this one]

Called shot resupply also gives me the advantage, for the same reason.

Shoot more for PvE.

Empowering headshot is sometimes worth that
I could make headshot → tactical reload → shot to get bonus.

I use sniper mode on PvP too, cause It provides a 3x magnification.
[Cause I joined war often, 11 times so far]

Missing a Weakend defence is can be trouble against sword & shield users.

Back it up is useless, should swap weapon when enemy nearby, like 8m,
which distance that proc passive.

I just don’t like a double trap, cause It breaks cooldown timer,
maybe I would like them when it is fixed.

Also If I gonna use a lethal combo, I would get stopping power with additional
2 passive, instead of shooter stance.

I will try your idea, ty

ALELUIA, a Moderator responded after so many posts complaining about the same thing… THANK YOU!
another post about musket that you might want to take a look at

I’ll add some suggestions and feedback as well…awesome thread good feedback here!

I really like the musket idea, I enjoy shooting it but the abilities are definitely lackluster and need improvement. I like a lot of the ideas in this thread and I think they all are good and could be more useful than what we currently have.

The shots (powder burn, Power, Stopping Power) are a mixed bag. I think the reload animation really takes away from them but I kind of like they are on the next shot the effect takes place. I think just making these reload work while running would be fine. BUT I think there’s too many of these and we could have much more interesting things in it’s place.

Power Shot - Not really a wow skill, I’d like to see this replaced with something else really, a penetrating shot or something that ignores armor or a percent as someone else suggested would be good here. Maybe starts at 25% and the first or second passive gets it up to 50 or even 75%.

Shooter Stance - I’d like this to not be stationary be able to use it at a reduced speed or something to that effect. The whole kneeling aspect is clunky and just throws off everything, slowing down would be much better and still allowing people to catch the musket user. Passives are ok…not great but ok.

Stopping Shot - this doesn’t really stop anything, honestly I’d like to see it be a true stopping shot, as in a knockdown. You hit someone you knock them down, that’s what I call a stopping shot. The slow is already worthless so it would need better passives if you change this. Maybe a damage buff for the secondary on knocked down targets. The third could be cooldown reduction or something to that effect.

Traps - Not a fan of traps it’s alright but just not my thing, I think the caltrops idea from OP would be fantastic here in it’s place. Aoe about the size of Metoer Shower or maybe smaller with a snare area, the passives could be roughly the same rend, heals, and maybe a bigger aoe area or longer lasting. This would make muskets really useful in bigger group fights and maybe a little scary.

Sticky Bomb - I love sticky bomb concept it just makes me smile and get excited but it’s pretty lackluster as an ability. I see suggestions to remove it and put something else in it’s place but I think it’s a nice unique concept. I’ve been able to arch this thing for really long distances and it’s so satisfying when I hit something from that far. What I’d like to see happen is

  1. Better AOE coverage (ice storm area maybe on explosion)
  2. Detonate option - You throw it then click hotkey again to detonate it. This gives the musket user control over when to burst. Cooldown would start after detonation.
  3. Some sort of effect after explosion (Blight would be kind of cool for like 8 seconds or something as OP Mentioned)

Passives could be

  1. Increase AOE Range (max of meteor or ice storm radius) or Stamina Drain if aoe increase is base
  2. Blight Debuff (maybe not as strong as current form)

I think the rest of the passives and reload times are pretty well covered by other posters in this thread.

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Aquilifer, I have some problems with your build.

Called shot is useless. I’d rather fire off 2 shots than spend 3 seconds waiting for a 5% damage bonus. Also, 3 seconds is an eternity in pvp.

Back it up. Nice on paper. Useless in actuality. If an enemy is that close you should be swapping to melee. Unless you running away, but then the dodge roll plus hustle is more than enough.

Your build is also missing the essential armor/stamina breaker which gives you 10% armor piercing as well. This one ability is absolute gold against shielded mobs.

Nice tips on the perks to look for, but all weapons have great perks as well. It doesnt change the fundamental problems with musket.


Just to add 2 cents. I tried to use 2 musket and prepare 2 powershots… Well I can’t.

I know I was going to have a terrible build with just 1 weapon, but I thought I could prepare 2 bigs shots and keep swapping the musket. It is 1 powershot preparation for all weapon slot, kind of sucks.

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Bring trapper skill set to at least how it was in preview versions. I like how you need to utilize stamina to do stuff. Stamina should affect more than just musket it should affect all combat mechanics.

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  • Called shot is useless
    It’s not necessary to wait 3 seconds. Just forget about it and sometimes it will help you, especially in open world. Btw, you can be in scope mode after you shot. And this is the only option here, because you have only 3 options, 2 are shit.

  • Back it up
    Maybe it should be changed to armor penetration.

Also i have some suggestion.

  1. Dodge during reload lock your character. I think this maybe a bug but if it is intended plz remove it. New World close combat is very fast pacing game. With weak close combat this make musket at massive disadvantage. Other range weapon such as fire staff, ice, bow all have good mobility
  2. Is musket the only weapon get penalty like slow reload during no stamina? Remove the slow reload will greatly improve it
  3. Musket cannot change weapon when exhausted plus reloading. not sure this intentional either. quite often i need to do a double dodge and then exhausted. and it also prevent me to switch weapon too. so i am pretty much locked in slow reload plus no switch weapon = dead
  4. also no movement speed penalty when reloading too will be quite important


It’s already included in what I wrote.

I suggesting remove or reduce great time of
active skill reload, but, yeah.
Some dodge out capability is welcome.

If they not gonna give anything like that,
should at least make skill reload gives
super armor / huge fortify so can be used
timing defensive one.

This is what I made that shows current
musket problem which I wrote on OP.

Great feedback mate,

The thing i agree on most is that in most games : bow have more DPS, but it has less range so it makes sense. But muskeet have more range (thats fine in the game) but should have a bit more damage on impact (still should be under bow in term of DPS) but most importantly :slight_smile:

Indeed muskeet are historicaly what ended the chainmail area because of their high penetrating against iron !


Well done… im a musket/spear build… we need alot of help. the Reloads / lack of swapping is a horrible mechanic

Musket’s fine, wait till late game. It 1-5 shots everyone, even folks in heavy.

He has a 570gs musket and I’ve it as well. It’s pretty garbage. That a legendary musket is better - agreed. But is it viable against void bend armor?

I don’t think so.

We banned all muskets from 50vs50 PvP.

I disagree, I was pure Dex Musket build in Alpha and Beta, seeing zero changes during all this time that addressed the problems, and even taking away Feign Death made me switch to Tank. I actually purchased this game so I could play the Musket but it feels so bad I gave up on it.


it’s pathetically ridiculous and disgusting to need a legendary weapon and use reload sploit to make the weapon playable… have you reached this level?! I remember that in alpha he was good but the ammo was horrible to get/manufacture, my only problem was this, they ruined this weapon to an almost no return point and all for what?! pvp?! disgusted.