Musket overhaul suggestion from dedicated musket user. [PvP side]


It’s already included in what I wrote.

I suggesting remove or reduce great time of
active skill reload, but, yeah.
Some dodge out capability is welcome.

If they not gonna give anything like that,
should at least make skill reload gives
super armor / huge fortify so can be used
timing defensive one.

This is what I made that shows current
musket problem which I wrote on OP.

Great feedback mate,

The thing i agree on most is that in most games : bow have more DPS, but it has less range so it makes sense. But muskeet have more range (thats fine in the game) but should have a bit more damage on impact (still should be under bow in term of DPS) but most importantly :slight_smile:

Indeed muskeet are historicaly what ended the chainmail area because of their high penetrating against iron !


Well done… im a musket/spear build… we need alot of help. the Reloads / lack of swapping is a horrible mechanic

Musket’s fine, wait till late game. It 1-5 shots everyone, even folks in heavy.

He has a 570gs musket and I’ve it as well. It’s pretty garbage. That a legendary musket is better - agreed. But is it viable against void bend armor?

I don’t think so.

We banned all muskets from 50vs50 PvP.

I disagree, I was pure Dex Musket build in Alpha and Beta, seeing zero changes during all this time that addressed the problems, and even taking away Feign Death made me switch to Tank. I actually purchased this game so I could play the Musket but it feels so bad I gave up on it.


it’s pathetically ridiculous and disgusting to need a legendary weapon and use reload sploit to make the weapon playable… have you reached this level?! I remember that in alpha he was good but the ammo was horrible to get/manufacture, my only problem was this, they ruined this weapon to an almost no return point and all for what?! pvp?! disgusted.

It makes me laugh.

I deleted a man in voidbent with 3 shots yesterday. Mid axe charge no less. Dood went sliding for miles. It’s probably the only weapon that can kill healers in heavy. Ya’ll are building wrong. Get stance and stack empower perks.

Let also talk about ammo. Besides the bow no other weapon in game requires semi rare ingredients to craft ammo. The resources required to make 1000 Star metal bullets is insane. I don’t bother to use the bullets in PvE because it’s just plan too expensive/time consuming. To make 2000 bullets to last me a day I need to spent 2-3 hours collecting and crafting ammo. That’s not even including travel time to walk to each location to gather items or use azoth. It’s sells for .9 gold each on the trading post. So pretty much musket is not cost effective in PvE and rarely used.


You think starmetal bullets are bad? Try orichalcum ones.i It’s worse.

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as I said before, a stone arrow, made with a twig, a chicken feather and a stone of 1.00 damage multiplier, an iron cartridge which needs triple the items and work to make the 1.00 multiplier damage… fuck the logic

As i am playing musket since beta (spear / musket lvl 60)
I can totally agree with your post and your suggestions. The current state of musket in pvp aswell as pve is kinda sad and needs for sure improvement.
Let’s hope amazon game studios tries to do some balancing in near future. Latest patchnotes however contain already small tweaks (although these changes are questionable… why would they buff lifestaff lol)


Obviously if I’m complaining about Starmetal the next tier would be worse.

And Arrow basic can be build on the campfire, musket can’t.

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Also, did you guys know, that sticky bomb damage can be mitigated with a single dodge at the explosion moment? Thats completly ridiculous! That ability is hight risk low reward…
I bought this game for the musket, leveling was fun until a point, but in pvp Iam disappointed with this weapon. Every ability usage is super punishing because the mobility.


I have no problem with the rate of fire but the system shouldnt be as clunky, less penalizing, not lock you in place or reload loops. the rate of fire should be consistent.

Remove the exhaust penalty

Called shot should be a basic mechanic, replacing heavy attacks, have a higher bonus that increase incrementally the longer you aim.

Reload animation should not be cancelled by dodges. Reload could be slower when dodging but should not lock you in reload loops or in place. You can’t spam dodges all day anyway.

Overloading shots should be instant if reload was already done. Should not lock you in place either.

Trapper tree should be reworked to something that is less clunky and that could be used for tactical gameplay E.g. overload that changes the shot in a short range shrapnel cone with armor rend, caltrops on an area with slow and bleed damage if you move through them, smoke bombs that provide other debuffs etc…


Could you please share your build? I’d be interested to check it out.

I disagree, either it reduces the reload time or increases the damage, ammo cost, collection time, ammo creation time, reload time, it all together to end up pathetically miserable damage, it doesn’t compensate, it’s a weapon that it was good before, but after so many noobs crying on the forum to the point that amazon listening to so many dead game fanboys and pvp sausage meters turned the gun into pathetic rubbish.
but what do they do? buff the vital stick… I think I’ll drop the musquet and become a healer… ok… :frowning: