Musket Skill Rework (starting with Sticky Bomb)


People are upset about the recent sticky bomb changes. Without stagger, trying to use it is suicide.

It’s too slow to be useful. As a rework suggestion, how about making it into a sticky proximity mine? That way it’s actually a TRAP.

Other ideas:

Trapper Musket tree needs love and to lean into traps and Sniper Musket side needs to not be a sniper side at all to encourage team play with the other roles.

Power Shot could be a rend
Powder Burn is fine as is
Shooter’s stance should be a passive when crouching and not moving

What are your ideas for replacement skills or skill reworks?

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shameless copied my own post from locked thread

Why as a range weapon, you have any staggers in the first place?
the same with this stopping shot or whatever, which staggers you and push x meters away.

IMO all ranged weapons should be staggerless. You can attack from distance. Like, this is not enough for you?

No cc on every range weapon will make them 1 dimensional since the only goal these weapon can achieve is to deal damage as big as possible
Instead of having different type of ranged weapon, you will only have superior musket/lesser musket/musket with aoe/ faster musket/close range musket and i think anyone want that kind of situation

“No cc on every range weapon will make them 1 dimensional since the only goal these weapon can achieve is to deal damage as big as possible”
Fire staff users ikr :frowning:
Not only are most abilities close range but there is no ability that’s viable at long ranges and basic attacks have limited range.

Accuracy nerf was already confirmed but there are a lot of people that want to play musket from mid range which isn’t about climbing on rocks and running away.

Okay. I do not know how to deal with what I said, that bow and muskets should NOT have any staggers abbilities, like other RANGED weapons. You have range advantage, and I hve to kill that distance, and when I do, I am still being pushed away and slowed and burned and whatever other shit it is … musket in current state is so broken, and not fitting in New World that I would totally remove the musket from the game.

Imagine the ingame economy turning upside down and countless player complaining about their investment turn into smoke just because bunch of player complain about musket PvP performance :smiley:

Joke aside, things are not squeaky clean & smooth on the musket side as well. Low fire rate/specific build type/ heavily dependent on 2 core kill make it a must for you to kill your target in nearly every encounter (especially PvP) in order to maximize your role. Yet unlike other weapon (even bow), musket heavily punish it’s user even on the smallest mistake since you literally sacrifice your presence on close range due to very small investment on CON.

Even worse, musket damage window is around 12-15 second while you are pretty much hooked to the target that you shot with powder burn. This simply mean that you need to wait around 12-15 second if you miss/changing your target. Spamming LMB like other ranged weapon is not even an option for musket because this weapon deal crap damage without those damage bonus.

TLDR; if you see a good musket player, that’s because they got a blood contract in it.