Musket Suggestion - Please Adjust Musket in March patch or Weekly

We need a musket adjustment in the next update. In reality hit-scan honestly isn’t the most insane of an advantage over the bow, so the damage needs to be tuned and adjusted. I think there is two major options for adjustment to musket that would make it worth playing over bow, the first is animation tuning. Make reloading a lot faster or add a chamber with an amount of rounds before reloading. As it stands having 10-15% less damage than bow is fine if it can keep up the pace of fire of the bow, but its slower and does less damage. Or you can keep the reload and make musket hit harder. Buff the headshot perks or make abilities pack a much larger punch. Make it strategically diffrent than bow where it isn’t intended for the same thing.

Overall though, it really does need some changes and love. The bow even in its janky buggy state still feels and plays MUCH better than musket, and the only place musket stands a tiny shred of chance is in OPR. Me and some friends have all maxed musket to give the perks and skill tree a chance to improve it but compared to lv20 bow it just is not the same.


Dude, the bow is infinitely worse than musket. I’m not opposed to giving musket a buff but that is a bad take.

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I think they are both on par and have pros and cons. his take is bad but so is yours

With this post you only show the lack of expertise in using the musket. The musket has instant hits, hits just as hard, and performs way better in OPR.

Check out the blunderbuss: PTR: New World Blunderbuss "oneshot" combo testing - YouTube

I also wish we can still move while we are reloading haha. Just so frustrating we are rooted while reloading

You swap to another weapon while reloading. It reloads while unequipped.

True but wish we do not have to need to do that though

i dunno man… musket can be pretty damned powerful.

my only request would be to give musket and bow an inherit rend value(still subject to global rend cap) to represent armor penetration.

edit: one thing i’d add is that the musket is very ‘all or nothing’; you need to build for the musket only if you really want it to perform

Musket needs aim so you have to have skill and stay concentrated to hit. This makes it a lot harder to play than many other weapons wich are just left clicks in the enemy face. :sweat_smile: I have a gs 619 infamy totally is on fire in OPR :kissing_heart:

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Can you share tips on aiming? I find it hard to see our crosshair during masive fights because of how small and thin it is.

I agree! It makes the weapon less fun for the people using it.

Bow is in a bad place right now. Light armor attacks do less than 1k damage to heavy, arrows fly through people, stuck after every shot, you actually have to play close in order to hit because the arrows fly so slow. Yeah musket locks you in place, but you can be on the other side of the map and hit people, that’s virtually impossible with bow. If you think shooting and playing with musket is exactly the same or “on par” you simply incorrect.

the aim reticle is garbage… best advice is to practice so you get used to how bad it is and don’t rely on it too much. it’s awful

Yea a lot of time i no longer see it on battles especially on corrupted portals fights where the extra darkness makes it even harder. Wish we can make it larger and thicker lol

mate, i posted about it constantly in beta… no changes… it’s infuriating. i just want the small inverted ‘v’ and nothing else. this strange greek omega symbol mess they’re using needs to go

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Not an advantage? You can literally shoot through solid walls…

Stopped reading here

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Just practice. Find a mouse sensitivity that works best for you. They should really add some custom reticles/color options! But practice is key i think. Also the beer level is a bit of a problem. My accuracy is rapidly fading away with every beer i Drink, when i drink :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The musket needs to be reworked. This weapon can never be buffed as it will ruin the game and OPR. Having a sniper shoot you from across the map with hit scan isn’t fun in an MMO.

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