Musket Talent Rework

I was just taking a deuce when I thought of a genius idea on how to improve the musket, for everyone.

Some thoughts…

Hit Your Mark, increases critical hit and headshot damage by up to 15% based on how far away the target is, increasing in damage till it caps at 100m.

What if instead it was the opposite, but say, 25% damage, capped at 10m. So at 100m, you might get like .5%, then at 75m 6.25%, 50m 12.5%, and so on. That way the close they are, the more damage they take. This is more beneficial for everyone. Less, “I can’t do anything against musket,” QQ and more skillful trades in close combat, where musket is currently awful.

Next, add to Back it Up, or just change it with a rename like, “Calm, Cool, & Collected”. When an enemy is within 8m of you, reload speed is increased by 25% and movement speed is increased by 10%.

Give sticky bomb a debuff worth speccing into. A couple things here… sticky bomb slow only lasts 3 seconds so without crippling you can’t even rely on it to benefit from Lethal Combo. Lethal combo is just bad because the only thing you can semi-reliably apply is stopping power. I’d like to see Lethal Combo apply to ALL musket debuffs AND BUFFS. So whenever you get a musket empowerment buff (except Heightened Precision) then you should benefit from Lethal Combo. This would mean powder burn, Initial Engagement, Empowering Headshot, and Empowering Weakness would all give Lethal Combo.

Best time for great ideas!

Reworking the Ballistic Advantage perk would be a good start.

No it actually wouldn’t

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