Musket Upgrade please

Can we please get an upgrade to musket!? It is absolute crap the majority of the time. Notice very few players using musket and now I understand why. Devs, revisit musket because it’s utterly useless in pvp.


Musket is fine where it’s at. Compared to the existing meta, musket is just an annoyance, but after achieving full BIS / the correct build - it’s actually quite good. By far the sweatiest weapon to use as if you miss your shots, you’re useless. In the right hands, just like any other weapon - it’s deadly.

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And besides everything that you said, one of the weapons has to be the least used. I’d rather it be the musket tbh lol

Musket needs some love… i walk around with 0 con 300 dex and 190 intellect and i dont feel i do enough damage with this weapon and get 1 shooted by anything and everything and people wonder why we just camp on top of the rocks.


I feel the same way. I love musket play,but I want to be able to alternate between long distance and close to mid range play.

I have a dream of bayonet charging melee characters with the musket.

I mean how cool would that be to have a play style closer to an actual minute man.

Warhammer/Greataxe fighting a bayoneted musket. The idea is cool.

It would also give the musket more ultility on opr and wars

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Musket needs to do more damage in PvE.


I do fine in pve open world with the musket trapper build. The issue comes up when fighting the bosses,musket is just too clunky and brittle to really do much besides sniping and hope you hit the headshots.

Talking about PvP:
Musket extremely OP. Low risk high reward. Can snipe people all across the map in an mmorpg without any damage fall off or bullet drop. A hitscan weapon that deals an insane amount of damage and 2-3 shot everything up to medium gear while even having resilient.
Even having +5% Thrust Damage Absorption on each gear piece doesnt change anything.
Extreme high mobility even without using a rapier you can easily run away fast.


-Remove tha passive that deletes damage fall-off after a certain distance.
-Give the bullet a travel time. Should be a little higher than bow arrow travel time though.
-Bullet drop is needed. (would also help with the aimbotters)
-After 30 meters damage drop of 50 % is also needed. Musket players will finally be forced to play at the fort walls in OPR to have an input to the real fights. Instead they camp 300 meters away on a mountain sniping everything across the map.

The way this weapon is right now it doesnt belong in this game at all.

I would be great to see musket players at close combat with bayonet charge or something like that because the most annoying thing about the muskets are they are hitting you meters away. Most of the time you can’t even see them or aint got enough time to get closer to counter attack. With close combat upgrade they will become less tend to hide and snipe all the time

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dev need to delete musket.

cuz usuless to team.

muskcrats never on point.

always on the rock.

if u want use musket then go to valoratn or apex legend better

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