Musket/Bow Reticle

I would really love it if you would give us the option to change the reticle. The one used for bow and musket obscures a lot of vision at long distance and I find it very hard to actually see what I’m aiming at with the circle and triangle (it might as well be a big blob). I’d prefer the default crosshair but even then, I don’t like the border/shadow and I’d like to be able to select a color. See games like Overwatch/Valorant for the gold standard, but even just having something with a lower profile/simpler would be fantastic.


Yessss PLEASE. That reticle is godawful.

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I said something about it in my feedback in the penultimate beta, I talked about it on twitter and I left a new feedback here with a modified sight in paint, and I was ignored

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