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So I saw a few perks that got buffed which is great and that the gems will start working with sticky bombs which is amazing! bout time! However, there are a few things that need some love.

Fleche 0 DMG- When you use the attack standing next to a target it does not deal any dmg.

Fleche (feedback) - without having additional ADS sensitivity settings I have to keep my sensitivity relatively low which makes the Fleche light attack ability perk an aerobic workout. because I have to completely 180 my character just to land it. we should have ads sensitivity adjustments to help with this or just have the ability to whip backward and hit someone like reverse backstab animation.

Reposit - ever since the developers edited this last month or the month before it makes it extremely difficult to land a stun. also, it is something I have no control over. it should be instant like it used to be and be able to stun everyone around you.

Reposit - When I use the ability and block something. I still take dmg which is no Bueno.


ADS Not working…Sometimes - Since last month 3x zoom will not work for 5 minutes or so I’ve tried everything from unequipping and reequipping, using an ability, switching weapons, proning, rolling, eating, drinking, crying and still can’t zoom in for a while without a rhyme or reason why it came back. Big problem especially on the ultimate ability perk.

ADS 3x bug- 3x zoom should be first person so many times i’ve walking to close to a wall and i’m staring at the back of my head.

ADS Crosshairs- We need new crosshairs the ones we’re using now are really bad it would be cool if it were something I could buy in the store. more than happy to pay you guys so i can change my ridicule.

Reloading - i’m seeing less and less snipers around which is a good thing the dynamics of the musket has changed in opr from a far range only to up close battles. it’s difficult because of the reload time between shots the gun becomes useless besides the nades in close range. especially fighting with a bow user. we should be able to run at full speed while reloading the gun. I saw that you added a 2 phase reload function that might help a little but we need the same flexibility as the bow. I mean they hit me for 8k sometimes at 625GS resilient, thrust gems, and physical aversion all on. this is a big issue in Arena making the musket almost unusable in close-range chaos.

Sticky Bombs - I’ve gotten pretty good at chucking the nades but long-range throws require me to look into the sky and throw. it’s a little silly since bows raining arrows allows you to keep your camera fixed and see where it’s going. something like that should be available for the nades.

Sticky Bombs - There should be some sort of debuff when you stick someone before it explodes. currently, they just roll when it explodes and get a “get out of jail free” card. 1 it’s not easy to stick someone and 2 it’s primary damage-dealing ability.

No Shot when Enemies are to close - made sense in the beginning but now it’s just frustrating when someone runs up on you and shoot at them the shot goes behind them. The Frustration Debuff Stacks when you have to reload after that. lol

----------Additional Feedback------------

Cool down timers - can we get the pictures in the boxes so we can see whats about to pop while in a fight.

Stamina slow speed - when you’re out of stamina you get a 10% slow which is very, very, bad for a light musket rapier user that’s trying to get away.

Invisible walls - it would be nice to shoot someone through gaps in fences and gaps in other places like the opr fort entrance doorway theres a gap between the frame of the fort and the pillar you cant shoot between when a door isnt placed, or when your crosshair is over someone but you’re too close to a wall and shoot the wall instead of the enemy.

OPR Gate - Remove the white hologram of the fort door we cant see through it!!! we know we can build a gate. dont hold our hand to much.

Instruments - you should allow freeplay options it would be cool to build my own instrumental or show it off to people. our keyboards could 100% be registered for different keys like a piano


Musket need more than just “fixed” stuff just sayin


they dont care about the musket, even tho they said in a dev blog a few month ago that they want to fix it but nothing happend. you can post as much as you want nothing will happen


if we get enough attention on it we can hopefully get a response from AGS.


Some of the issues i have on live, which does not seem to be addressed on PTR.

Sometimes aim mode will just stop working, then later work again. Rare. But frustrating when it happens.

You are left stuck in aim mode, only able to walk. Have to toggle RMB to get it to go away.

When close to an object, or inside some buildings, activating aim mode leaves you staring at the back of your head.

Dont know what causes it, but sometimes when dodging the reload animation repeats and repeats and you have to wait unable to get a shot off.

In short range fights, your shots dont register at all despite aiming dead centre on target. My guess is the target is too close, and stepping back or gaining some distance fixes it. However, its not intuitively clear that your shots wont register at the time of firing.


The other issues i have with the musket are well known and commonly raised by other posters. The weapon has no AoE shots, no group utility, is of limited use in expeditions, and its not uncommon to see ‘LFG No muskets’. Let alone muskets being consigned to artillery duty or repair dury in wars/invasions and more often than not excluded.

Several abilities and passives need a ground up redesign or rethink. Musket needs to have either a shattering shot, a plague shot, and some close range options like a headshot stagger or stun. Sticky bomb is pretty useless as has been pointed out, and traps only work on idiots and normal mobs.

Yet, despite me taking a 6 month break from the game, musket is still exactly where it was since game launch, while entire new weapons have been introduced, weapons which were already overpowered have seen extensive improvements. Its not a surprise that musket players believe we are at the bottom of the favorites pile.

Note: I continue to play musket, and i dont want the weapon to be more powerful and certainly not overpowered. However, the play experience can be improved, and there should be enough utility in the weapon that it is desirable to have in group content.


Muskets absolutely rigged right now. All we got is singletarget damage ( which compared to other weapons is lackluster but at least you can pick off high prio targets with it) which is fine but thats it.

Considering trapper tree is supposed to be the utility tree I see close to no utility there.

Nevertheless I still love musket gameplay in a MMO it is rather unique and I hope it will be kept that way.

I personaly dont mind a revamp where hitscan is removed and a bulletdrop is added but I hope that does get compensated with a fat damage buff and faster reload timers. Especially give us for gods sake a better crosshair.

I mean the funniest sht I have seen so far I fired a bullet between peoples armpits and it didnt register the hit. So either the Modells are so precisely made that I can shoot through peoples armpits or it was a fairly well known desync shot xD


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