Muskets needs to be hotpatched. Game is unplayable

Quite literally. The state of pvp right now is unplayable. You can’t wait 2 months with nerfing the musket it needs to be hotpatched. I bet hundreds of people uninstall the game every single day because of muskets.

All it takes is 2-3 muskets in the enemy team and your entire team will be completely miserable and not have fun playing the game what so ever.

Muskets are completely destroying the game right now and it requires rapid dev response.

Back when hatchet was bugged and could deal 9k per light attack it got patched withing 48 hours. The current state of musket is much worse than that hatchet bug since musket can deal 10k dmg in 2 seconds from 100m distance.

This is urgent !!


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