Muskets range in OPR is disgusting, they sit and camp on rocks at 100 m range and focus on you

Musket needs a rework, especially within the upcoming 3v3 arena.

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I dont think it is since its extremly useless in closecombat without any ability to run away (traps are super easy to dodge) plus I really hope that the arenas are small so they can’t just run away from you for 10 minutes. (obv. 10min is a exaggeration)


L + Ratio + IG exists

A musket player sitting on the rocks isn’t helping their team win, by any means.


Musket can hold bunch of non heavies, yet cannot win the war by itself
Those immortal life staff a-hole who can 2 man capture far point with his GA BFF however…

Yay! Another nerf musket thread. So sick of seeing these. 1. Don’t run in straight lines. 2. If you get shot by a musketplayer on rocks then work your way to them behind them and kill them. 3. As @Kippp stated, any musket player sitting on rocks is not helping their team.

So far in this thread in 5 posts I have heard musket needs nerf’d, IG needs nerfed, and lifestaff users need nerfed. I’m willing to bet that in the next 5 posts (not counting mine) somebody brings up how op’d GA is and how it needs nerfed.

Now, once all of those get nerf’d then it will be “Nerf Weapon X/Y/Z because they beat me in OPR!!” Adapt and get better. Quit crying nerf every single time. Not all weapons need nerf’d.


I hope so much Arena will never see the day !

If that happened, game gonna shut down so fast that people won t see it coming !
So much hate and complain about the combat and game mechanics, what will it be then ?

Cry more haters.

You re the one that want to change New World to satisfy your taste no matter what the game was built for ! You ll have your game suited just for you in 2-3 years if they continue to listen to your crap !

NB: This was a reply to NWfan33

If charging like a straight arrow hasn’t worked for you, learn to flank, adapt, form squads, take advantage of muskets FoV. Blame your flankers for chasing kills rather than deleting priority targets.

FFS they could nerf this weapon into the ground & there’ll still be another pro nerf post the second ya’ll die to a different musket build type.

Just make this posts up.

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