Musket's still shooting through Stones & Tree's

When are u finally fixing this?
When are these players get punished for abusing this ( using a 3rd party program to lower their settings )

Even reported someone via Video almost 3 Months ago, he didnt had a single day of Suspension.

I mean it isnt a easy thing i guess…
but this Community kinda agree’s to abuse this… we just had a talk on Tartarus Server in Global…
where someone complained about it, and he got instantly flamed that he shouldnt cry around :rofl: :rofl:

This video is from 2 months ago.

This is no longer a thing, and wasn’t any kind of hack. It was a fault from AGS, and has been fixed.


Have tried, and can’t do this anymore.

wonder why someone just did it then… hmm

btw i said, nearly 3 months. in 6days…

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Did it physically connect with you?

I do know that it’ll show that it’s doing it, but it wont do the damage.

Like with head shots. If someone is still head shotting you, while you’re behind cover, it’ll make the sound like your being shot…but you take no damage.

I have a pov from a war, with me on the fort, being shot at…and multiple times you can hear where I would have been head shot, if I wasn’t behind cover.

Yep I was being shot at through one of the rock formations around the middle OPR fort last night.

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