Muskrats destroy the New World

new world have so many musket users now

cuz their dmg insane and always rank 1,2,3 in war,opr .

need to reduce musket dmg -50%


Automatically convert all muskets and bows into Great Axes,
convert all Rapiers and Spears into War Hammers.
Convert the weapon masteries too and voila, perfect game.
Only GA/Hammer, Mages and healers left. Actually remove Mages and Healers too.



Only people who complain about musket havent tried to use a musket. Give it go, let us know how OP it is. Sure they are annoying and deadly in the right hands but so is every weapon.


The problem is, you can’t kill the musket guy.

  1. they have zoom, so he is probably too far from you, so mostly you don’t even see him.
  2. even you see him, you are fucked anyway, since OPR have zero covers and if you know the spots, you can shoot everything with musket.
  3. even if you somehow stay alive and get a close to the musket guy, you will probably get stuck with trap.
  4. if you don’t step on the trap and you decide a punish this camper, probably you don’t, because musket guy have 40% haste speedhack, so he will run and you have no chance to catch him.

In our servers in OPR is lot of musket groups. Yesterday they camp the way to the mid from all sides. Half of our opr army left, because there was no chance to get on the mid, since one musket give you 3-4k dmg and 500 burning :hugs:


That is what you got for destroying the bow wth your whines on the forum.
The bow users kept the muskets in check.
Now half of th bow users switched to musket, the other half to mage.
Deal with it…


where are the muskrats at?! catch and cook


LOL… which game you played?? i guess you are not playing the same game as us. Didnt you watch the dev update? Musket is the least used weapon in this game…


Musket is OP? wtf

Musket is only capable of killing low gear score players or full light armor glass cannon players that have 6000 HP…

If the opponent is hybrid medium armor or full heavy armor with +100 CONS, musket is useless. This game has high in game latency / ping ms problem, FPS drops a lot for 20vs20 or 50vs50 battles in an instanced pvp area, and this game’s servers are laggy itself. Musket is a FPS shooter game mode gameplay, so if you don’t live near the Frankfurt City, you don’t enjoy playing as musket at all. Go read the below website link for musket discussion… Noone wants musket for expedition dungeons or fortress siege wars… OPR, it is a jungle pvp arena with lots of cover and you cannot climb to every mountain and your range is 100 meters, and when players moving in kiting mode and if you have +80, +100 ms too, you miss lots of shots from long range. When musket try to hit from close or medium range, muskets are the 1st target for easy kill because all muskets are light armor glass cannon build…

Even AGS said that “Musket is the lowest weapon used in pvp and pve and expeditions because of the lack of DPS”. However, you are telling us here “Musket is OP”, musket is the worst weapon with worst DPS…

Just wait March Update to see the new weapon named Blunderbuss that requires Strength and Intelligence stats for close, medium and long range capability skills which gives TONS of damage… Blunderbuss gives more damage than musket and it will be the best weapon for MELEE Builds…

Please go read the discussion here first:
Musket Problems


GO play a musket and show us how OP it is… Musket only good when the team has reliable melee team. Musket is useless if no reliable melee teams. And also you need to have good aim…
Zoom is not autoaim dude…
40% speedhack??? show us plsss…


Remove musket mobility and remove that passive that gives damage fall off on distance.
They can snipe anyone across the map without risk but high rewards.

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lol prove to us pls… Musket is the only class that required aim skill and positioning, others are just zerg , ground aim and spam AOE CC with LMB.

  1. all the loaded skill (powder burn/stopping power/ powershot) are hit / miss. you have to wait all those CD if u missed the shot.
  2. trap - slow casting time and it can be iframe or dodge unlike the other root skills like ice shower or VG scream.
  3. Sticky bomb - the only AOE and dmg is still bugged with conversion gem.

crying about the range ? learn how to dodge and hide behind any object and musket cant do shit


You can 3 shot almost everything up to medium gear. You can dodge so you get an instand reload.
Its a hitscan weapon in an mmorpg and its easy to hit the enemy due to big hitboxes and on distance you can NOT be countered by any other weapon than a musket.
You can snipe anything across the map being at a range where nobody can touch you. That has nothing to do with positioning.
Even if you should get pushed once from behind while you are camping then you can easily escape with the passives or even a rapier.


3 shots? you must be the one that wearing medium armor with gathering perks and luck gem…
the dodge reload only happened once every 10 sec.
are you sure big hitboxes?? you are talking about projectile and musket is not projectile lol… you can easily miss a shot when the enemy is doing any skill animation or the player know how to dodge.

Stop run straight line and dodge like a bot. I have seen so many players who dont even care i shoot at him and he just run straight line and dodge in same tempo.

i am not going to deny you about rapier is 1 of the most useful weapon for defensive and it already got nerfed with longer CD.


No i am one of those wearing meta medium gear with resilient perks while encountering musket players camping at the hills with 5 con and full dex.
Also its great if they just lay down so you cant see them anymore but you have to try to locate them after several shots but then you might be dead already. If you should locate them after the first shot and you try to run at them then its gg anyways because you cant close the gap in time.
No risks super easy kills/high rewards.
Its literally an AWP from counter strike in an mmorpg. Imagine having a hitscan weapon in an mmorpg.
Just keep on defending musket so you can play 20 vs 20 muskets soon in opr while having 200 players total in your server and wait for one hour until a match starts.


lol but you still cant show what are the things that make it OP other than those statements without any proofs. your statements are based on the minority musket players with good aim.

lol the dev has mentioned Musket is the least used weapon in this game and you still trying to tell me everyone is going to use musket where this weapon got neglected by dev since launch…

show some data to proof it instead of just crying because u got killed by those minority good musket players or maybe some with cheats.

so you have no problem with 20v20 GA/Hammer with CC Spamfest?

and I have seen so many players quit musket and go for GA or FS/IG.

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My statements have no proofs you say xD just as yours then.
Damn look some musket players dont even need to camp.
They can just stand in open field and kill everything they want.

daaaaaaamn please buff musket!!! Wondering which excuse you gonna tell me now but i am even sure you are not gonna watch the video lol. Waste of time to discuss with you.

they also said hatchet is the one that is played the most xD they also said economy is fine in the game :smiley:


this is why i said your statement are purely based on minority good player or players with aimbot.

Range advantage given to the musket has to comes with your aim skills… if you cant aim shit, you are useless with musket at all… so how can you tell me it is a low skill/high reward where a weapon is highly depending on mouse aim with no AOE and non of other weapons need it except bow or maybe mage.

and stop watching montage video… LOL… everyone know what montage video is… they wont show u how sucks the class is…

tell me what makes u think hatchet is not the most played weapon?? you need to consider PVE as well dude…

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You asked for proofs and i gave you proofs lol. Thats what we see in OPR everyday.
After OPR patch went live you can find at least 10 muskets in every match. Thats gonna change the way devs look at the statistics soon. You have to separate PvE and PvP.
Dude barely anyone is playing musket in PvE so that changes the statistics too. Your claims and wrong statements are so dumb that i rather quit talking to you here lol.


Muskets are far from OP. Only real damage you do with musket, is vs someone in light. Best you can hope for against medium, is to just make them feel a bit pressured. Heavy? Don’t even waste your time using a musket on someone in heavy.

IF muskets are really that big of an issue on your server, a few emerald gems and the physical eversion perk, is an easy counter. As well as resilient.

I run a couple emerald gems and 2 physical eversion perks on my FS/IG setup. Can easily handle a few shots from a musket. Enough time to reposition myself if I can’t get to them…and enough defense to where I can EASILY dispatch someone running a glass cannon musket setup. Gotten to where I can flank musket and bow users, and do easy work on them with ice shower and ice spike.

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xD nice one

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