Mutaded Solvent: Remove Gems Safely

I’m excited to try the new mutations out (downloading PTR as I type to give them a try) but one element is concerning: the suggestion that we’ll need to respec gems to offer protection against the mutated element, for example fire in Hellfire.

So, I’m absolutely not going to be doing this if it means building an entirely new set of gear: just not happening considering how exteme getting good gear at 600GS is even without the new system in place. So this means I may need to just delete existing gems… once every week (or more, if I actually want to do other stuff too).

So… isn’t it time AGS considered a method to safely remove gems from their sockets, if it is the gem we socketed? I’d suggest Mutated Solvent, which can be obtained from… Mutations!

Perhaps not tradable (i.e. these would literally be used by players who do mutations) and you’d get enough per mutation run to replace a full set of gems without losing the incumbent gem. This should only be possible if we initialy inserted the gem (so you can only delete an incumbent gem if you traded the item, but once you’ve done that then you can swap out gems freely thereafter).


Just let us temporarily swap gems out whilst INSIDE the mutation. Once you leave, the gems swap back again.

Honestly, if it’s required to use gems in mutations and they expect us to either burn gems (they’re not cheap enough to do this so frequently) or build entirely different sets of gear for EVERY mutation, I’ll be seriously annoyed because that’s just a massive fun tax on top of the existing ones (orbs) and we already have multiple sets of gear. This would make it way worse.

That said, if gems aren’t required to do the hardest mutations then please ignore this thread. I just get the impression that’s the desired outcome that AGS are aiming for. And if it is, they need to really have a think about what it is they’re asking their players to do and whether the current system is fit for purpose (it’s not).

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