Mutated Depths Feedback

It’s my favorite dungeon and it’s very difficult, my thing is…

I switched to bow for an m3 at GS 620. I got 32 exp per enemy while thinking I could get some easy exp and level my bow. So I guess even mutated Depths gives exp based on them being lvl 45? I don’t think level 66 enemies give 32 weapon XP.

Is this a bug? Oversight? or is this intended?


I mean… people really shouldnt be leveling weapons in mutations but it was probably an oversight.

Level 12 bow with 400 Dex still hits for 4k. :man_shrugging:

We sped run the shit out of it, so I asked hey, mind if I bust out my level 12 bow? And then I busted out my level 12 bow.

It was definitely in company. Lol

Im just saying they probably dont expect people to level weapons in mutations so they probably didnt think about it.

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One thing they did think about was making sure you can no longer dolphin dive and prone under Thorpe’s laser beam attack. He will aim it down and roast you on the ground now.

I had so much fun dying in a boss fight and having it cost us a Gold rating, because they stealth “fixed” one of the two ways we used for months to avoid the laser.

PSA: You may now only run counterclockwise around the boss, or die.