Mutated tempest

so is it the mutation order D-inasty > G-enesis > L-azarus > T-empest ?

we will have to wait 1 month for the same mutated to be activated again ?

Have you thought about activating all the mutates at the same time?

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it’s a shame they haven’t been able to do it by now. we have had mutations for 4 months now. for 4 months , they have not been developed at all.

Well, in order for them to activate all 4 mutated expeditions, they will also need to include other affixes as well. We currently have Fire and Void which leaves out Arcane, Nature, Ice and Lightning. So, those will need to be developed first then test each mutated expedition with each affix so there’s less issues. Overall, it’ll take some time before AGS/NW can include all four ME’s and all six elemental affixes within a rotation for each ME.

they can just make it with affix rotation and later add other affix.
I dont think we need to wait

I’ve been saying since the beginning that they should remove the rotation on mutations and just rotate the affixes.

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