Mutation DC No Reward

 My group completed a mutation 5 61k Gold Score. I got DC during last boss and did not get completion even though it shows on screen I should have completed. Can this be addressed swiftly for my mutations to go up and get my Umbrals Thanks!!!

Hi @Meadez, welcome to the forums!

I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t get any rewards after getting disconnected from the mutation 5 expedition.

For issues like this our technical team needs to gather more information from you in order to provide a resolution. So please go to the following link and follow the instructions provided: Contact Us | Amazon Games 1 (Contact Us | Amazon Games 1 (Contact Us | Amazon Games))

Once the information is received, further confirmation will be sent to you regarding the situation. Feel free to attach this threads link, as well as any extra information that you consider necessary

I will keep a close eye on the post in case anybody needs further assistance.

Best regards! :shield:

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