Mutation exp keep reseting time for 24hours

at this point i doubt its bug i think devs testing how much we can still take. well not much i guess. instead of having new mut exp yesterday we got 24 hours extended timer. today timer ended and started new 24 hours countdown
after yesterday i believe everyone expected today a patch push as usual in january but nothing yet. dont tell me u gonna push the update in EU prime time again so players wont be able to play again another day. no communication from AGS once again. i am one of not many ppl who gives u slack as still new game but u really play with your players base unfair games, @Luxendra do u have any info about this as players wont be waiting they run the old mut exp and when new one comes everyone is on orb cooldown and unable to enter. pls dont answer i forward this to devs because if at this point u dont have any information from devs they wont give u any as usual.

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funny part us got the new mutation.

Yeah this is getting dumb. My servers dropping in population. Devs do nothing for content, promised orbs, mutators etc. Limited runs and they don’t even reset. Fix this please. Ohonoo.

i read something on some servers is dynasty running now. cant confirm its from chat. but on our server in EU we have second day extension on lazarus :smiley: :smiley:

On Valhalla, their timer worked and everyone is running Dynasty…

that brings new feature to game. its not equal anymore and multiple regions playing different game :smiley: :smiley:

can confirm it still hasnt changed location/reset timer ect…

on the midian server

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Put up with alot in this game, actually I’ve never said anything bad about it before, but I’m so done now.

It’s the fact there just ignoring the players of there game, they could atleast post an update saying there fixing it ASAP, but nothing, it’s like they’ve just shutdown there office and thought F this

comm manager here posted yesterday they r aware of this so i was ok it can hapen. but when i found us runing dynasty already that just means they cant have same version of the game we have as they would be on 24hour timer as we are. so or someone explain me how is it possible they run maintenance for whole world at the same time and this so called bug is only in EU and not in US? common sense telling me different game version i mean different update on few servers.

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would be interesting someone from US servers with dynasty post a screenshot as its clear now some US servers r stuck as well.

EU central niflheim

It’s also impacting Australia - Delos server is still serving up Lazarus as the mutation.

The servers where it’s working I believe had a server restart at some point that caused it to rotate. I’m not sure why they haven’t just done a full blown restart across all servers as a temporary fix but it is very frustrating as an end user to not be getting more real time live updates on this issue. Even if it is as simple as “still working on this - eta less than 7 days” or whatever. Give us updates on the ETA!

yeah thats the point. if they communicate with us with some ETA it would be enough for most of us. but comm managers or forum managers replying absolutely not urgent posts and ignoring the big issue what affecting thousands around the globe. here guys with orenge words just copy paste what they been given but with any questions deeper they have to email devs or some kind of escalation process to notify devs. they have no impact or similar in game system. imagine them as discord admin. most of their answers to any problem is sincere apology , devs knows. wait for update or my favorite answer ,go on steam and verify integrity of files, i cant imagine how the guy feel when he lost most of his potions with update and he was given answer to verify his files in steam when this particular issue affected multiple ppl,

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