Mutation Gear-Scaling is Pointless

From what I’ve seen across reddit, the forums, and what I’ve personally experienced so far in expeditions, The scaling of the group’s gear is so consequential to getting dungeons done in said time. Why did I farm things such as this gauntlet (posting picture below) or pre-purchased/crafted items with this type of loadout, just for it to be scaled down dramatically and me not doing nearly as much damage as I should be?

Explain to me AGS, why this is relevant or needed at all. Lots of people’s gold, time, and resources were used to create such items for them to become irrelevant.

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This weapon in +3 and above gets scaled so dramatically I’m nearly halfing my damage from using it.

Another example. I’m willing to bet when Genesis gets mutated this weapon will be dogshit

Its already dog water since its 580

you are better off running voidbent and maybe a few weapon specific 600 armor to get up high enough in mutations to upgrade your specific gear to 600 and do it all over again on the next weeks whatever mutations.

Right. I get what you are saying. But these weapons in regular non-mutations are auto-ing for around 1800-2200 after rend. In the +3 I did last night my Void Gauntlet was auto-ing for 900 TOPS with full rend. It really doesn’t make any sense and isn’t needed in the game. I shouldn’t be forced to used shit gear that’s 600 gearscore to do more damage than a weapon that’s MADE for good damage against said mob type.

Edit: This damage I kept track of was on Scilla

the whole point of the gearscore average was to make sure people cant just blow through these things.

its probably the laziest way but it is there for a reason.

id rather have this then just dumping more health points into the mobs.

i would of preferred more individual curses for anyone under geared. with interesting effects that can seriously hamper progress but could be skilled out of.

basically any gear that isnt 590+ is no good for mutators. preferably 600 so you don’t waste shards upgrading.

and yes, its essentially expected that you repeat the lower levels to upgrade your gear, or beat it while nerfed.

its a bit cheesy, but, it allows them to increase the amount of repetitions and make the small boost of 625 gear, be a large boost for the content.

tldr, its cheesy, but its as designed. the mutator minigame is about climbing the ladder by upgrading your gear

I think the argument can go both ways

I can agree that it could be used, but used in a better way, or less scaling.

However, what’s the point of all my time prepping these weapons and gearsets just for it to become useless and replaced? In PvP, for example, the difference between 580-600 is honestly minimal, skill overtakes any extra points or armor bonuses you get at that point.

You’d think they’d want PvE to be the same way. If I play extremely well with “lower gear” I should be on the same table as someone getting carried by 610 gear etc.

imho i think a compromise would of been a team average gear score modified rewards.

if you and your whole team go in HARD with lower gear score and beat it (within a reasonable score) then you should get rewarded more shards. (not that much but noticeable)
while any smuck getting carried through one with a 4 man 625 chad squad would get less.

there would have to be scaling obviously. but being able to beat the dungeon with nothing but your socks on should be heavily rewarded.

The creative members of the development team jumped ship a long time ago.

I don’t get it. What is the point of having damage stats on weapons and absorb stats for armor when GS is all that matters anyway? All gear score should do is to give you a summary of the power level of the weapon, not make the actual attributes of the weapon secondary to the GS.

This must be the dumbest change in this game so far.

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Exactly. I watched the TP consistently for weeks looking for Void Gauntlets, Spears, Hammers, GA’s etc looking for right perk combos (like those 2 VG’s above). Now all of what I’ve spent is downgraded and nearly useless

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