Mutation - Laggspike with the Void/Silence Circle

Currently on Castle of Steel (what i think is basicly lagging out the server) we got the Void / Laz rotation where it pops them void silence circles on the ground that explode after the bar drops down… everytime at least 4 people stack on top of each other and so do the circles, everyones game starts freezing and ur beeing teleported across the room most of the time u just die in the meanwhile… (also instantly goes back to no lag at all after circles are gone) and NO its not a connection issue from ourside thats been happening over and over again only when the circles stack on top of each other, may wanna have a look into that could fix the long entry Q times / crashs from current Laz mutation ^

Was just about to post this as happening for us as well from mut 8-9 got a clip of it and this clip was tame. on the last laz boss the circles all stacked and everyone was at 1500 ping for a solid min.

This happened to us all last week in Lazarus. The Silence mechanic is PHENOMENAL. But the Lag and rubber banding is causes is horrendous.

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