Mutation lazarus error

Can you @Luxendra answer about

Mutation timer switched to another 24h after it was all gone and supposed to change for a new mutation today at 2:30 UTC.

The team is aware of this and it’s listed in our Known Issue page. I know the team is investigating the cause of the issue.


Is it known if this will prevent mutations from rotating again tonight? And/or will there be a hotfix or server-side button-push to ensure mutations rotate? (100% ok if this is just a post later today)

Let’s tone down the douche-meter by… maybe 50% please?

What is the procedure for resetting the server or extending the timer by 6 days? @Luxendra

I can help

This bug was at PTR and your write about “fixed”
Have a good day


And its notes like that, where we now have to wonder if the wrong build got pushed to live servers… again.
We really need to treat the PTR as a test realm, and just push daily changes. So we can test these things before they go live and ruin more of the

player experience.


He’s right though

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Mind breaking game :smiley:

Mutations won’t refresh so we are stuck on Lazarus?
Better stealth nerf the drops even more and don’t acknowledge or mention the change anywhere despite a MASSIVE PUSHBACK FROM THE COMMUNITY that is still scratching their heads wondering where are the named BOE drops from mutations.

Watch out, they’ll ban you for being “too combative”


Honestly, I’m not trying to be combative. I’m simply on my last shred of sanity for putting over 1100 hours into this game and being constantly disappointed with each subsequent update introducing more issues than it fixes.

Will you also be resetting weekly orb timers in the faction shop and crafting tables to compensate us for our inconvenience?

Lux can you please communicate to the devs that we need more orbs per week and if you have to nerf drops from the dungeons to balance it … do it… if you need to make some time sink Id do it… cause once mutations are over for the week the game – well its the first time I’ve actually realized I need to find a different game cause there’s no pvp and tons of people are either only playing mutations or just moving on – I really like this game I was really hyped for the update too, definitely some things that couldve been better about the loot system imo but mutations are fun, but they now are the only thing thats fun unfortunately

@Luxendra please move this Thread in the English Game Feedback area, ty.

You said you answered 10 times about mutators issue. But I can’t find the 3 main informations : when is planned the weekly update ? What is the next mutators planned ? Will we get a free orb doing the classic dj ?

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