Mutation Limits are absurd

It’s crazy to me that there isn’t a whole lot of end game content yet, and they still gate keep end game content? 25 weekly dungeon run limit is absurd to me and I’ve tried to understand the reasoning behind it, but it just doesn’t make sense. Anyone have a logical answer? Or is this just AGS being lazy?


Back in my day we didnt have any fancy mutations there was only easy medium and hard and maybe legendary. Instead of relying on the game designers to make things more difficult or rewarding we had to handycap ourselves. Loose some armor. When you post a video of you and your crew finishing the m10s in your birthday suites then you deserve a reason to say you need an m15. Until then, you have a challenge on your hands

I never said we need m15? Lol I’m saying remove the weekly limit of 25. Please read before commenting.


Lol think we found ourselves in a…
Employee “sir i need to go to the bathroom.”
Bossman, “Okay heres the keys, use the van.”
Kinda moment. You are talking about mutation limit and im talking about mutation limits but we dont mean the same things.

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The limit is to keep hardcore players in some kind of check so they don’t heavily outrun “casual” players.

As a semi-hardcore player (playing in the afternoon after work and on weekends) myself I’ve so far reached the 25 limit once since mutations came out. And that was on Lazarus before the Brimstone Sands update.

So far I’ve seen several proposals AGS should abolish the 25 limit entirely.
The best possible way imo would be to remove all rewards, umbrals, chests and drops for all runs beyond the 25th.

Hardcore players already have a huge advantage because you are actually able to run 25 mutations a week. The most runs I’ve finished since BSS was 17.
In my case that means you have at least up to 8 runs more loot and up to 48k more umbrals (if we count every run as M10 gold finish).

Now, does AGS want you to blow through your weekly mutation runs in half a week? Certainly not. There’s so much more you can do besides mutations. “Those activities are no fun to me” honestly doesn’t count. The game offers a broad variety of stuff to do, it’s seriously your problem if you limit yourself like this, not AGS’.

They just want you to grind/play longer.
Makes no sense.

Timegating is stupid. Everywhere.