Mutation Score - Time is a poor indicator

Please remove time as a multiplier of score! Idling in the dungeon does not make your group better or worse, and occasionally people disconnect / have game crash / have IRL things to do. While disconnecting mid fight is just as detrimental to your score due to wiping, I think that it will be a better experience if time is changed to a different method of scoring.

Instead: have time taken per Major Boss. E.g., when you fight Cilla/Chardis, it starts a timer. If you fail to kill the boss in a reasonable time, it lowers from score. Timer would reset on wipe

Edit: this also allows people to take time to Respec before difficult fights, and allows people to loot the chests. It’s crazy to try and save 30 seconds by skipping every chest.


I disagree. Time is a measure of how efficient your team is. I would have to agree they should add a pause button or something where nobody can take action. Then you can do irl things.


If you have to pause to do stuff then you are not efficient… You are using 4 other people’s time!

You both agreed and disagreed with me, interesting.

Pause for an mmorpg …allright lol . You are like my mom when i was playing WoW 15 years ago . I am pretty sure AGS actually will implement such stuff ,

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I like how all respondes here smell like WoW players… It give me reason to leave

But for the Time on boss, that IS a good idea and also give something different other than just plain copy WoW mythics+ mechanics, it give at least an identity to the Mutations

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I suppose your right. Saying I disagree entirely was inaccurate. But pausing has nothing to do with efficiency. The efficiency I am talking about is executing mutator mechanics, pulling mobs correctly, prioritizing kills, etc. Pausing a mutator has nothing to do with how efficient you are executing the dungeon, considering that during a pause you cannot take any action. It would just be a way for people with kids and other real life obligations to participate in high end content without disregarding their families and other obligations.

@xtin there is absolutely no reason a pause button can’t be included in an MMO with instanced dungeons. Its a quality of life thing that benefits all members in the party. If my baby is crying, or the pizza showed up, I can take care of that quickly without ruining our run, while other party members benefit by allowing me to do so. Nobody is effected negatively. If my party members feel I waste their time they can choose to not bring me back. These type of systems already exist in other real time games like MOBAS where there is another team that is being effected by the pause. It allows people who disconnected or had to step away a chance to do so without ruining the match. These pauses are generally timed reasonably and cannot be spammed over and over. Putting a system like this in New World would only effect the party involved, not an enemy team, and everyone stands to benefit. I am not sure why this is anything like your mom 15 years ago. 15 years ago you shouldn’t have started a dungeon 5 minutes before your mom called you for dinner. We are adults now.

You seem to not understand how the concept of time works. Any “brb” moment brings the entire team down and effects our ability to get silver or gold on the mutator. It has nothing to do with me or my ability to manage my life. I don’t have a baby I simply can comprehend and feel some compassion for people with real life obstacles beyond my own bubble. So this isn’t about me. Your trolling doesn’t work here. If you do however have something of substance to discuss I will give your next reply attention.

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If they remove the timer, her already low excitement will completely disappear.

Well… I guess there’s always someone that doesn’t want to wait for your discussions or irl stuff :smiley: at least it was already 17 years ago like that… and I’m happy cause people like him exist :smiley:

I mean seriously :smiley: I have experienced that kind of discussion in a normal Genesis run already :smiley:

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i agree. we end up not collecting the resources in the dungeon, we skip mobs because of the timer… basically, just to make an “efficient” run we end up not playing the game -.- how is this logical?

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