Mutation System Needs Rework ASAP

i agree 100% im hoping the devs take the forwarded info seriously, as i believe with the current content out this houp be top priority.

25 mutations per week is enough. i like the idea of always having a corrupted dungeon though. and i dislike they idea of 4 mutations, you say healer and tanks get rare during the end of the week, i never experienced that i dont think majority of the people have time to run 25 mutations per week. also you talked about finding a group for other mutations then 6-8-10, if you start one yourself you will fill it quickly if you play on a normal pop server, i never had problems filling a mutations no matter what number it is

On yggdrasil almost no one runs them anymore due to grouping times, only ones that run are spot sellers. My guild has almost completely stopped playing due to the grouping times… just slows gear grind to a slow bog


My opinion is that there should be 3 level of mutations :

M1 with 1 mutation - 1k shards for gold, gs requirements 602-610.
M2 with 2 mutations - 3k shards for gold, gs requiremets 610-620.
M3 with 3 mutations - 6k shards for gold, gs requiremets 625.

The cap (if they still want to keep it) should also be increased to 50, that should be a decent amount for daily and casual players.

That will significantly increase the chances for players to find parties to play with and plenty of runs to do.

The cap is there to limit the shard sellers, but if you think about it, peoples choose to pay for those with the gold earned, if they choose to spend it on those , is their choice. Some of you will say that they can get the gold from the company they are part of, but also they can buy bis gear with the same gold, so actually that cap doesn’t make sense to me, I might be wrong, feel free to correct me.


only time will tell if they took the feedback seriously

do like the idea of 3, the more condensed the better

or just limit mutations to 4 per day, then it won’t be so that by the end of the week there will be no one to go with :face_with_monocle:

in general, it is strange that mutations are tied to a week, and not to days, which is why there is no balance.

by linking mutations to days, people will have more reason to log into the game every day.

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Horrendous idea. Some people do not have time to play during their work week so their days off they will smack 8-10 of them out per day so they can atleast get close to cap for the week. Stop trying to put more time gates in

removing the weekly cap will create problems if its not met with a daily cap. A daily cap is superior to a weekly cap, imo. It should reset each day at current realm reset times.

NPC Types need to have all of their native resists removed and the mutations need to have their damage absorption reduced to a max of 10% (2% absorb per a mutator level). Damage bonus’s should also be reduced to a cap of 15%.

The damage done to light armor needs to be reduced in mutations to help validte it, especially mages.

Lastly, it would be nice to either get an arcane / lightning DPS mage weapon (if duel stat it should do damage scaling like GS with INT/Focus; not like VG Scaling on ability is horrible).

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nothing in the post is mentioning adding more time o.o, everything is about condensing the current number of mutations and buffing umbrals slightly to lessen the grind

I literally responded to this guys post… Did you even read this stuff or just jump in and decide to comment?

it doesnt show a reply, if your replying to someone use the button, otherwise it looks like your critiquing the post, which was not true. also drop the hostility, everyone who actually is trying to improve the game only want positive members participating in these discussions

It does show a reply, I can visually see it on my end so something may be bugged on your end or mine. I did not quote them, there is a difference.

not sure, may just be the forums bugging a hair bit, this is my OP so i do watch it from time to time. but i do agree with you, 4 daily is a no go, i want it uncapped, why cap the only true pve content atm, doesntr make sense

I find mutations a very fun PVE content, I enjoy doing them with my friends and random peoples.

I don’t do it for the shards, they are a bonus, I play them for fun, there shouldn’t be a cap, forcing us to play less fun content while we wait for the cap to replenish.

Please remove the cap and let us have fun AGS.

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I agree wholeheartedly

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Loving all the support and feedback guys!

It takes AGES to find a lobby, keep clicking and cant flag as pvp when queuing and so annoying to change set all the time