Mutations are the best PvE content in the game, But

3 or 2 Mutated orbs per week is not enough, I play on El Dorado which has the current mutation of Vampiric and Paranoia, this combination of mutations has created such an intense and engaging gameplay experience I just want to play it over and over again, but I can’t because we’re out of orbs. It’s true if I had better planning leading up to this patch and gotten a full dedicated group we would have had 15 orbs to work with, but most players I assume are in a worse position than I am in this regard.

Let me put it this way, I would run mutations if they gave no rewards, simply because of how entertaining it is to play them, AGS did a great job with them. Perhaps my opinion will change when I hit 625 GS and can power through level 10, but as it stands this update has made me not want to login because compared to mutations, the rest of the game’s PvE just feels less engaging.

You could even reduce the umbral shard rewards to slow down progression if you gave players more opportunity to play the mutations. Maybe I just lack patience, but I really enjoy these mutated expeditions and want to play more of them, if there was any method of grinding that would get me closer to more mutated orbs I would do it. But the requirements for the 2 per week are very tame, and don’t require much commitment to have all the materials ahead of time.

Please AGS give us a way to grind out more orbs even if it’s slow.

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