Mutations & Healers

Hi team,

Firstly, thank you for continuing to improve the game, I am having a blast on it at the moment.

I think mutations are great, my concern is player division. In recognition of the requirements, queue times, player class preference, wealth and player population, I think 10 levels might be too many. It seems many legendary pieces of armour is locked behind high-level mutations and I am beginning to believe that I will never have access to this section of the game - May I suggest shortening the mutations to 4, as opposed to 10?


10 mutations is perfectly fine, reduce it to 4 and watch the playerbase dwindle as for a large portion of players, m10 runs are the only things really left to do.

may I suggest finding a group of people around your current level and grind out the mutations as a group. if you are having a hard time finding a group then find a good company as that is the best way to find other players to run things with.

I’m not sure stating they are fine, despite me saying I’m having challenges with it is accurate, that seems dismissive. Thank you for the suggestions, though as a casual, I am still having issues with this. Relying on a small percentage of players who may represent a vocal minority is not what I’d view as healthy for this game. May I also recommend diversifying your game catalogue if m10 runs are what you feel like is the only thing left to do

Thank you,
All the best

Use your daily gypsum to get up to about 620GS. Should only take a week or 2 from 600GS. Then you can jump right into m8.

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