My 2 cents on Ice Gauntlet and how to improve it

Ice Gauntlet has been changed a lot since alpha, mostly nerfed. Another incoming nerf seems to be going on (ultimate chill not procing to others), but this one I believe to be correct, even as a fire/ice main.

that said, wind chill buffs werent enough, pylon doesnt do much and ice spike is cool for clips and arenas but too inconsistent for wars, although some use it. Bottomline, ice gauntlet is basically storm, shower and entomb. Even the perks dont change much: you pick all left tree talents + ice storm to get ultimate chill, then shower and entomb. and thats it.

my 2 cents which could improve ice gauntlet damage/utility:

  • a bit more slow on Ice Storm and Shower. Say 30% for a test

  • enemies being automatically slowed in any enemy frosted areas (including ice pylon frosted area)

  • windchill applying frostbite

  • ice pylon having either (a) being imune to damage for the initial X seconds after being placed, say 5 seconds), (b) its attacks counting as a basic attack for all purposes (keen speed, refreshing move, lifestealing, etc), (c) pylon burst applying frostbite.

now, Ice Spike

when you land the 3 hits, damage can be indeed great, especially when you crit. However, its very inconsistent, the range is short and lag/spikes/desyncs make it harder to land.

how about making it somehow similar to pillar of fire? my point, instead of a trail that explodes in a very limited range, it could simply have a spike erupting from the ground wherever you point it. Make it a ranged aoe casted spell, simple as that, giving Ice Gauntlet some sort of consistent direct damage spell (we have NONE, only damage over time).

a few tree perks that could use some love

  • Frozen Touch> 25% slow for 2 seconds when someone hit you but ONLY when you at FULL HP. This is crazy broken, cause it wont help you when you need the most. How about whenever you are hit by melee attacks enemies receive frost bite? Have an internal cd of say 8 seconds (as frostbite lasts 4 seconds)? You can change the name to Ice Armor or just keep it as it is, but make it useful at least. Its requirement (being at FULL hp) is not realistic. After all shower nerfs, a small defensive buff could make this talent at least viable (no one picks it)

  • Energized Critical: same as above. 10% crit damage but ONLY when your stamina is FULL. Maybe before all stamina changes, when regen was high, this could be ok. But now, with all changes to stam regen and incoming nerfs to shirking energy, this should be looked at. Make it a flat 10% crit damage increase?

  • Defiant Freeze: you gain 20% fortify for TWO seconds after casting an ability. Two seconds is close but too short. Give it a 5 seconds duration and MAYBE decrease it to a 15% fortify, but at least let us feel we have some protection. Two seconds is basically cast animation and moving/dodging, then its gone

  • Empowered Frost: a nice name, but what does it give? THREE (yes, 3) mana for each spell cast in a frosted area. To match its name (Empowered), make it a 10% empower when casting a spell in a frosted area. This will also give Pylon some value, especially with Ice Spike proposed change

theres a lot more I could write but this is long enough. I dont want Ice Gauntlet to be OP, at all. I just want it to have more utility and remain viable. Control and some damage.


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judging by a recent 20-3? video, IG is just fine and has infinite mana

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