My account hacked and transferd

Hi new world

In the last 48 hours my steam account was hacked.
The first time steam helped me get it back and no problems afther.
Now .24 hours later again my account hacked and my char was transferd to another server.
Also my gold and farmed materials are gone.

PLZ can you help me ?
i have screenshots of the chat with STEAM so i can show i got hacked.


I’m pretty sure account security is outlined to be your responsibility in most services ToS, could be wrong. Did you change your password after this first time? Pics of a chat about being hacked isn’t proof that you were hacked. How do you want them to help you?


i changed everything, i have chat with steam support that i was hacked. and aslo my normal email adres changed to a rusian email adres 2x and thats not my email.
so i hope thats good to let see it was nog me but some 1 els

Sorry to hear that. If they change your email, you can still lock the account immediately through the link Steam sends you when your email was changed.

Also, contact Amazon Game Studios support, they can look into it as well. Steam is usually faster at resolving this issue though.


  1. Your computer/ip is compromised

  2. Your password is week or similar to the last/others

  3. Your not using the dual protection offered

  4. You windows isn’t genuine and defender isn’t updated

  5. Invest in a good VPN

  6. Get rekt and learn


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i have to say that “Goyle” is right. Atleast 2 of these 6 points should fit your situation…

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