My achievements are lost

I haven’t seen my achievements for some time. I thought it would fix itself, but it didn’t. I attach a screen of what I see at the moment.

Name: ByJacob
World: Karkar

Hi there @JacobDev, Welcome to the New World Forums!

Sorry to hear your achievementes are not showing in-game anymore.

This could be related to a game file issue so we need to check on that first, otherwise I’ll escalate the issue to the team for further investigation. Please try these steps:

  1. Restart your PC
  2. Verify game file integrity on Steam, instructions for this here
  3. If necessary and possible, reinstall the game.

Please let me know how that goes, in case the issue persists I’ll provide instructions for you to send me your game logs so I can escalate the issue.


Unfortunately nothing work:

  1. reinstall game
    2021-12-18 12_41_21-D__Program Files (x86)_Steam_steamapps_common_New World_assets

  2. check files integrations
    2021-12-18 12_48_27-Ustawienia

  3. restart computer

After a few hours of gameplay, everything started working. I probably got some new achievement and everything got better.

Good to hear! Remember you can report bugs of this kind using the in-game feedback button by pressing Esc > Game Menu > Submit Feedback. You can also create a post in the Bugs and Exploits section of the forum.

See you in Aeternum!

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