My champion's amulet is missing?

  • What is your character name in New World: Jakupluvsu
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: East Coast/Heliopolis
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: I obtained shards from dungeons and went to upgrade my newly obtained champion’s amulet but cannot find it anywhere. This is deeply upsetting as I’m pretty sure I can only get the one. I’ve checked every town’s storage like 20+ times. I had it locked and wouldn’t drop it. Please help!
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Amulet is gone/missing!!
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: Emotionally scarred/betrayed
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: Well…I did not take a screen shot of the amulet before I lost it so there’s no way to show that I had the amulet. But then again I didn’t know it would just go missing. I’ve had other legendary items and never lost one until now.
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Well it was random so it’s hard to reproduce this since it was the first time something like this happened

Hello Jakupluvsu,

Welcome to the New World Forums. (∩◕‿◕)⊃━☆゚

Thank you so much for reportingyour missing champion’s amulet. I also want to thank for sharing you’d already checked all your storages and the item is still missing. In order to keep your personal information safe and recover your amulet, please submit a ticket to the Dev’s Team contacting Amazon Games Customer Support using the link below; Keep handy the following information:

  • Character Name.
  • Region.
  • World / Server.
  • Logs.
  • These Forum posts.

To find the logs:

  • Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.
  • Click on dxdiag.exe.
  • When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

I will keep tracking your case once you receive the response from the web ticket from the dev’s team. (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

Screenshot 2022-04-14 5.56.31 AM

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