My Character cant do Mutated tempest

I never was able to done any mutations , because cant pass through first portal after killing of 1st boss . Also there is second bug with my account in Tempest . Isabella doesnt appear when run next to the gate and whole area where we should close portal to open the 1st door .
char name MssHyde Artemis and zLaGaD Nisa . Same bugg on two difff characters in different servers .

What tier staff do you have?
Have you tried verifying your file?

Staff of the Throne 625GS on MssHyde
Will of the Ancients 625GS on zLaGaD
Before one year when Tempest was relesed i had same bugg . Staff of the throne doesnt existed in that time . My files are checked many times . Checked in the net im not the only one with these issues .

Not your lifestaff. The story staff that lets you close corruption portals. If you dont finish the quests and get your staff at max level weird things happen in some circumstances.

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I got life staff 625 before main quest i think both times . Just will avoid tempest . My character is invisible , ill make video or friend of me with better PC . It will be funny :slight_smile:

He’s not talking about your life staff, he’s talking about your Azoth staff.

Correct, your Azoth Staff. If you skipped the main story quest and didn’t complete it. Then your character will have some different interactions with various components of expeditions that expect you to be done with that quest line. You’ll need at least 3 people in those groups with the max level Azoth Staff.

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