My character is unplayable....Says Lag Detected!

I can’t play my character Jephro on Themiscyra. After being kicked from OPR due to disabling I log in to see “LAG DETECTED”. Character is unable to move it says “LAG DETECTED” if I try to move my character.

I just had a similar issue in OPR. Was more than midway through the OPR, in the middle of star in an all-out battle, and suddenly everything froze. Booted to main menu and logged back in to have lost all progress and no rewards from OPR. That is too long of a time to have spent to have nothing to show for it. Very frustrating.

Hello @condor219 , welcome to New World forums!

I’m sorry to hear you are having problems logging in with your character in Themiscyra!

May I ask if you are still experiencing issues logging in? Earlier tonight at 7:00 PST, we disable OPR and Expeditions in Themiscyra before a server restart, this in order to address some issues with the expeditions not starting correctly.

@swftslntddly I’m sorry for the inconveniences as you were in the middle of a game.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thank you for your reply, I experienced no other connection drops or lag messages upon logging back in, but I will not be playing OPR anymore. Even after logging back in after being booted from OPR, all my fast travel locations had disappeared so I did some grind for Topaz and Obsidian gypsum then restarted again to fix fast travel points.

I entered OPR twice in a row after the restart to be placed on unbalanced teams where we ended up trapped at our spawn point almost immediately because this game still lets axes gravity well and ice gauntlets ice storm spam the gate as people try to exit, making it a kill chute impossible to bypass when there are 10 of the enemy team standing there picking off people as they try to exit.

The OPR experience is great if you end up on the heavy end of an unbalanced team, or if the teams are remotely balanced, but there’s no guarantee of that and it just makes for a frustrating gamble I’m not willing to take anymore with the little time I have to game.

The only reason I do OPR is for gypsum because I don’t have hundreds of hours to spend in this game and am far behind on GS compared to others at level 60. This is making the experience frustrating instead of challenging or enjoyable. It feels that I’m so far behind there is no way I will be able to catch up, and might as well give up now that the game has raised the top score to 625.

Having the same poroblem. Lag than crashes to the main menu And its comepletly random and only with this game everything else i play works well

I checked this morning. My character is still unplayable. I am in Mountainhome and as soon as I take one step it says “LAG DETECTED”. Thank you for looking into this.

Hello @Condor219

I am very sorry that your game is still getting the “LAG DETECTED” message, we want every player to have the best gaming experience possible.

There is a couple of steps that we can try to solve this issue:

  • Close other applications that may be taking up your bandwidth.
  • Switch to a wired connection.
  • Restart your router and modem.
  • Troubleshoot your firewall.
  • Test your connection for packet loss or buffering.
  • Disable VPN or proxy services.

If you’ve already tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed above, I suggest you contact Amazon Games Customer Support so we can continue to help you with this issue:

I hope you have a good day! :mage:

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