My character was banned for mass reporting

This problem is getting severely out of hand. Coming from someone who has experienced this first hand. The fact that genuine players doing nothing wrong can get banned because a large group of people decide to report them is absolutely ridiculous. If your ban system automatically bans someone just because they were reported, then you need to fix that right now. Myself and three other friends have been wrongly banned, with no help in appealing the bans and no evidence that we ever did anything wrong. Its embarrassing on Amazons part because they won’t take the time to investigate the ban in the first place. They don’t mind removing someone from a game for a week or longer. It doesn’t affect AGS so why would they care. Keep this up amazon and your game wont only be dead very soon, the few remaining people on the servers are going to be the toxic people who ruin everyone’s experience by mass reporting and removing them from the game. @Ymir @Luxendra @Zin_Ramu @Kay @NW_Mugsy @Lane @Tosch @HardcoreHenry @TigerCr4ne


Literal lies.


Yea same here this is becoming a real issue. My server dealt with a mass report issue for over a month before something was finally done about it. Its killing servers seriously, me and many others have had multiple name changes and people have literally been held on bans over and over. They come off and are back on ban before the day even ends, i still have heard nothing on my original ticket over a month ago about my first name change. This is a PROBLEM that NEEDS fixing this, should not be allowed to happen so easily. IF someone is truly checking these then theres an issue somewhere. I got a flag when i couldnt even log in because i was fighting my name change and the appeal was denied? like please tell me how thats not auto?

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Player mass reporting for 2 weeks WITH EVIDENCE. Amazon PLEASE help us! mine got locked but if anyone wants even more proof of mass reporting actually resulting in bans and a auto appeal system or just someone who doesnt care u can look into this thread of mine aswell. Still havent heard anything from the original ticket and after a month the dude finally got bored and transferred

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AGS team claims that there is no auto-bans. It seems that you spam chat with your WTS crap, coz you want to avoid tax fee. You got mass-reported coz noone likes spam. Now you wanna say its coz of some pvp-lose revenge? Sound fishy. Right?

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What is the definition of SPAM in New World?

Is it 5 messages within a minute? Or if a message is too long that is considered SPAM? Maybe 10 message in 20 minutes? If a message has too many items links, is it considerate a SPAM?

  • I dont know that, OP doesnt know, YOU doesnt know, AGS doesnt know and even the “moderation team” doesnt know what is the definition of SPAM.

My bet is that he got mass-reported and the overseas outsourced “moderation team” that barely knows any english just hit the ban button, because it’s easier than investigating the reports. And that’s the reason that AGS doesnt botter making a real definition of what SPAM is, so that in cases where there were mistakes by the “moderation team” they can just say it was SPAM on their own, internal, non-transparent, definition of it. Same goes for any other bans going around.

I have made a very complex and long review about the whole ban system. You can take a better read here: [Critical issue] Customer Service / Support / Appeal feedback - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums


With all due respect, this is a blatant lie. The appeal team never explain what type of ban is.

At most, when we appeal, we get a message stating that you “take instances of cheating/abusive behavior/etc. seriously”, but it is never explained the reason behind the ban.


We can starf off this point. When you need definition, you definitely doing something spammable. Chat meant for communication, not advertising. If many players found it spam-like and reported your advertising for spam, you get banned for spamming. Now you need to appeal to it, but you can’t. Advertising is always annoying. All rules you need here is something that let you do annoying advertising anyway and still be safe. Thats it.

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Why do you sit and tell lies on the forums?

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Yes, you are right! We all should just have the most generic and non-transparent rules.

Actually they should just remove all the rules and replace with; “We reserve the right to determine what constitutes unfair play and to take corrective action we deem appropriate.”

Which is actually on their ToS

In case you didnt get, it was a very sarcastic post.

I love how they never answer as soon as you point out the lie.
They will lock the thread eventually.

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Your English is very broken. It would be helpful to hear from someone who is fluent in English so we can understand your message.

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In response to my question, “Did you get unbanned yet?”

  1. no, but they said i was unbanned

  2. [12:54 PM]

but they actually extended my ban

  1. [12:54 PM]

They’ve messed it up three different times

  1. [12:55 PM]

first they said 6d

  1. [12:55 PM]

then perma

  1. [12:55 PM]

then a completely different date all together now

  1. [12:55 PM]

idk even know at this point

AGS this ban process would be a lot easier on all of us if you let us know what the hell is happening to make it such an insufferable nightmare. One CM tells you one thing is OK, then another says no thats not right. Then they jerk the ban length around for who knows why? FREE OUR GUY ALREADY WHAT THE ACTUAL.

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His alt account got mas reported too. Jesus christ AGS… What a shit show.


Just remove autoban ffs, or at least make it so you are banned from chat “x” hours not banned from the game that way you can take your time to check if they abused of the system by mass reporting or if it was deserved


Unbanned now

Keepers of serenity have done a few of the mass reports from what i have heard, but i want to make it clear that black flag and addiction have also done this same thing. All of these guilds should be investigated. Many people think there guilds are innocent because they are unaware of whats going on, Ultimately if the mods investigate this, they will hopefully get to the root of the issue, and give everyone who has performed this action a stern penalty and warning.

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Kos? The company with no territory’s and 9 members on at peak times, is mass reporting?

For what it’s worth bubblez it was not kos who mass reported you. Sorry you’re banned. All of us have unfortunately been there…

Anyone get access to that mass report discord I’ve been hearing about :eyes:

Ive also noticed black flag and addiction claiming it was like four other guilds when i tried to confront them about it, i think all of these guilds need to be investigated further.

Everyone confronted of course is going to be like, no he did it!

So to bring some Context to this, Keepers of Serenity members are victims of what is going on in this server “Themiscyra” they are not the ones doing the mass reporting.

A couple of weeks ago 2 members from KOS got mass reported and banned, we went on the forums to bring attention to this and im glad another victim from the server is speaking up and demanding something be done about this.

The guilds in question that we believe reported us and are probably involved in the mass reporting of Bubblez / OP are Addiction and Black Flag which are known exploiters and zergs who think they own the server.