My client could not be authenticated...?

Hello. I haven’t been able to log into the game for several hours now. Tell me what’s going on? I’m from Russia, I recently bought NewWorld and have just started getting used to the game.

I appeal to everyone.

There is no official information about the selective blocking of players yet, not by gender, not by nationality, not by regional.

I suggest that you just post problems with authentication (without specifying the region) and wait for a response.


You have consoled me a little. Thanks. We are waiting for the official announcement and hope for the best!

But I suggest not to get lost for the possibility of further communication. In case our worst expectations come true.

Link to telegram channel

Go into steam and verify integrity of the game files.
Could be a bad dl.

Are you from Russia,Belarus or Iran?


Dont worry, is only a special gaming operation.


nice trolling

You guys should think about other problems than a new world login.

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We go to sleep and wake up thinking about the things you talk about. Personally, for me, NewWorld is one of the few ways not to go crazy in the face of everything that happens.


Russia are either blocking or getting blocked by New World servers. Either way, i don’t expect to be only New World as time goes by.

New World turned off for Russians? - #17 by Cezario. here your answer . Game is not available in your region at the moment. Thank you for your comprehension. Edit : refrain from any political discussion , I got hit by a 2-day :hammer: ban on that last topic

all is working

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