My collection of New World's rarest Elite furniture

Here is a look at my Brimstone and Ebonscale zone-locked elite furniture, in likely one of the houses with the most amount of unique elite furniture in the game. These items have extremely low drop rates and have only been seen a few times in the world, usually only a few pieces on each server.

Each furniture and schematic in the Brimstone elite loot pool has a 1 / 1.380.000 drop rate. Some furniture drops directly from the chests and are therefore extremely rare, while others drop a schematic and can be crafted. The furniture with schematics generally go for 5k-20k gold if your server is lucky enough to have a single person that can craft the item. Furniture without schematics usually go for 30k-500k gold depending on item, with the most expensive being the schematic for Carved Statue of Jupiter.

The Ebonscale elite furniture always drop without schematics with a 1 / 460.000 drop rate, but keep in mind Ebonscale only has 9 elite chests you can loot daily, so even though they have a higher drop rate than Brimstone, they are harder to get. These items usually go for somewhere between 150k-1.2 million gold, with the most expensive being the goldfish in a procelain bowl.

Here is a showcase of my collection of the zone specific elite furniture:

White Oak Wood Armchair, Lazulite Bedside Table, Mediterranean High Bed, Mediterranean Curtains

Walnut Large Bookcase, White Oak Chest of Drawers, Walnut Wood Armorie

Amethyst Marble Dining Table

Amethyst Marble Bedside Table, Influential High Bed

Deep Silver Hanging Oil Lamp, Carved Statue of Jupiter, Large Stone Brazier

White Gold Place Setting (Ebonscale drop)

I’m also 100% done with my collection of Elite Furniture that drops in elite chests accross all zones with a 1 / 1.800.000 drop rate.

This includes:
Brass telescope
Curved Grassy Rug
Pirate Anchor
Pirate Jewel Box
Rustic Wooden Scrollcase
Flintlock Pistols
Captain’s Quicksilver lamp, original
Gothic Ragged Curtains
Moderate Drinking Set
Black-Lacquered Helm Chandelier
Wooden Wall Torch


Nice job with your collection! I love the furniture aspect of the game. Ive been trying forever to get my hands on a fish bowl. They just DONT drop for anyone on the CoS server. Let alone i cant find one for sale. Whats that gyro globe thing on the right side of the first picture?

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Yeah Fish Bowl is really hard to get, my only furniture from the Ebonscale elite loot pool is White Gold Place Setting which is in the same loot pool as goldfish and with the same drop rate. There was a fish bowl that got sold on my server about a month ago for 1.2 million gold, I also know about another person that has it but doesn’t want to sell. I’m currently saving up for it, have 520k gold so far.

Also, the globe thing is called “Cosmic Armillary Dial” and was a part of a furniture set in the store a long time ago

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