My company lost 10k because of server roll back

Hey !

We had a tough day on Adiri server !

The server got a problem this morning and did a jump of 60 days.
We could play during +/- 6 hours.
We finished our tannery upgrade on the town board and launch an upgrade on arcane tier V ( 10 k ). We worked on it. At one point, 6 hours later, the server went under maintenance for +/- 3 mins. When we reconnected, we found that the server rolled back, our tannery upgrade wasn’t finish, so the arcane tier V upgrade didn’t launch but the gold used to start the upgrade didn’t get back to our company treasury.
10k is huge for us as we own Reekwater and we don’t make a lot of money ( approx 10k per week, with a 6/7k upkeep tax )

Can we please have the 10k back ?

Thanks for reading,
Karhal from Adiri server

@Zaphkiell can you please look into that, it’s really bad for us, what we can do ?

Relax Dude, you cant expect them to answer literally 1 minute after you started the thread.
This Thread is in support section so they’ll look after it, dont worry, just be patient.

I know, I was just tagging the person :slight_smile:

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I’ll pm in a second to asking you some info and escalate the issue.