My dead server is being destroyed by invasions

So my server used to have alot of players but like many it’s completely died after transfers. Whole companies left en-mass. The last tier 4 arcane workstation in my server was destroyed last night. At least I knew it would happen soon, so I have been stockpiling potions I now cannot make. Every town is devolving, most have reverted to tier 3 and 2 stations. At times there is less than 80 players so there is no economy, Windsward is the only town with a trickle of activity. There are not enough people or money to rebuild after the attacks, no PvP, no Outpost Rush, just some resource grinding and people running Reekwater for chests. I can still occasionally run a dungeon off my friends list but that’s about it.

I do realize server mergers are coming, but my server is at the point of complete non functionality, you cannot craft most high tier items, cannot do any of the group content, there is nobody to PvP. Just collect mats, and gearscore runs if you can find enough people, which you generally can’t. The majority of OCE servers have these sorts of player numbers now so I can only imagine that many are in the same boat. I do understand that AGS want to be cautious with their merger timelines, get the tech right beforehand, but when it comes to my server at this rate there will be nothing left to merge in a week or two.


transfer off

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I can’t, I transferred here to play with friends. They then decided to stop playing. The server was ok then anyway, because I checked with an alt before coming, but then several companies left and it has completely died. I have also made new friends here, they are the main reason I keep playing.


well then you are screwed. maybe they will merge soon. probably not

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I mean I am just piling up mats for when there is a merge.

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Completely separating player influence of Settlements, and making cross-server queues for instanced content, would solve this issue and many others. Low-population servers would be viable.


welcome to reality, just bit a question why u writing make it seem the 80 player left was on same faction so no faction left to manage war or funding?. U know war also the best way to double gold, cause only war wager that pay the war for 15k but all people who join get 500 gold after war mean 50-15k same as 35k gold profit for server. This thing was make my server still alive cause all town holder do this scheme from beginning. Though about 8 super fat company that doing that from early already migrate to another server to sell their gold(based of gossip) when server transfer available.


Would the tax of 80 people even be able to pay the upkeep of a single town with a few t5 crafting stations? Let alone many territories?

You say wage war but if all of their koney has been dissipated in taxation and upkeep there may not be enough gold in one faction to wage war. And if there is no outpost rush available then no real way of gold coming in.

If he is talking about OCE i bet he is on eridu which pretty much only has purples left anyway

I think it’s going to be too late by the time they do anything. If nothing happens in the next couple of weeks and the server population continues to drop then the game won’t be worth playing.

It feels like the focus has shifted to the PTR and the upcoming big patch and content drop, rather than addressing the issue of players trapped on dying worlds.


i believe the original idea was to have everyone on a mega server
one day we could all be playing on the same server together
could be one reason as to why they are not in a rush to address the “dead servers”
mega server would be INSANE, lol

AGS, would you consider issuing low pop server players more transfer tokens as a temporary solution?


they should start flagging “dead” servers as such and give them token to move to other servers, but everyone will now which servers are dead and not just low.


Cross server instancing wouldn’t fix anything, just push back the merging. Which is bad. Very bad.

Same here - just harvesting and stockpiling. I am on (what used to be) a mid-pop server, but already seeing signs of towns not being rebuilt or improved, and town missions are mostly just reduced to the upkeep tab.

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Just pitching in to say I’m on a similar boat (or server): had friends who swapped, so I don’t feel I can swap away from my server - but the territories are devolving and there’s no way to stop it. Another token (to help my friends) or server merges are needed.

they need to give tokens to the critically low population servers asap

This is the same on my server as well… Slows down leveling when no board quests to add in to the mix.

Yeah my server is similar, the economy has collapsed, no-one buying anything and the stuff up for sales is dwindling by the day. This needs addressing quickly before everyone is just bored off of the game :frowning:

I noticed alot of 80 player servers and your prob on one. When the merges go through all those 90 player servers in your region will most likely be merged together soo stock piling the mats now is a good idea.

I think they’ll merge soon. It had been tested it in beta already. It must be super frustrating and the only think to do is run uncontested resource runs. Orchi is camped 24/7 on my server so be prepared.