My experience after 500+ hours

I want to start off by saying that New World is a fantastic game with so much potential. The graphics, combat system and sounds are just amazing however there are quite some things that start to get frustrating if theres not so much left to do in the game.

  1. VERY repetitive quest lines to actually level to 60. I, as a designated pvp player in every game i played so far really hated to be „forced“ to travel to the same areas 15 times, kill mobs there, collect 5 items there… It‘s as unsatisfying as it could be.

  2. Crafting to obtain high end gear. I personally like the idea of crafting the „best“ gear in game and have the chance by obtaining the items i want simply by doing repetitive grinds however the aspect of the watermark system, especially before the update made it way too easy to get items with 600 gear score and therefor crafting useless. I know that still if you have your watermark high enough to get items with 600 gearscore the chances of getting good perks are relatively low. Yet the chance of crafting decent gear at 600 gearscore is just as low as obtaining them within the watermark system. Sure, you can get Armoring 200 and craft a set with specific stats and add 1 perk, but in order to even be able to craft 600 items you need 100+ hours of grind to actually get the tradeskill to 200, farm Asmodeum, Runic Leather and Phoenixweave in amounts of 300+ to actually get a good set of armor which is way more timeconsuming then especially before patch 80 hours grind to get 600 watermark. Please change the system to drop way less Items in open world and increase the drop chance of legendary base materials and amount of yielded items, this would actually increase the meaning of crafting in the game.

  3. Added Pvp and Gathering luck: I personally think it was a good idea to implement this feature. Not only because I personally favor pvp but I also think that certain items were unbelieveably hard to obtain. I understand that Pve players feel like they are now forced to flag up to actually compete with Pvpers but I can tell you, out of so many hours i farmed nonflagged before the patch and the fact that especially on populated servers the fight for rare resources is really annoying that it is infact not worth flagging, still. I had days running around in pvp gear, bufffood on, fighting longer than the bufffood duration to just be able to be at this spot. The yield of legendary items if you have to Pvp is drastically lower than just going somewhere and doing your thing.

  4. Repetitiveness in general:
    To my perspective you are forced to do the same thing 10000 times to have the chance to obtain item x which when you finally have it turns out to be semi worthless or not much better than not farming at all. I as a pvp player strave to obtain the best items in game as fast as possible to be ahead of the curve, but this game feels like a trading market for dummies. Whoever is best in influencing the prices on the TP will have the best items. Nothing in game you do seems to really pay off except playing the market.

I hope this game will turn out into something good. Yet i am quite unsure if there is hope

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