My experience coming back to arena

I took a little break from NW to wait for arenas after it was announced. I had the idea that when arenas come, the imbalanced game play would be brought to light by small scale pvp. Apparently it was even more potent than i assumed.

3v3 arenas are always a good mode to have. You will always have a meta, something thats most used etc.

I’m a light rapier spear player so my experience is typically different. I get the shit end of the stick which is both ends all the time. I run 300/200 dex/con I do tons of damage I have full resil full 625 gear.

So far in arenas the experience has been me and two other buddies who are also light melee. We wernt following a specific meta or anything just relying solely on skill. And now a few main issues occur thats related to meta.

  1. Healers. A healer just makes the difference in the fight no matter what.

  2. Ranged, a person with a ranged weapon doing a quarter of my hp from any range is silly. I have to catch up to them but they always do 2-3k damage on me consistently when they land hits. And its not easy to constantly try dodging that or i’ll just stam out. This means mage or dex range. The amount of effort it takes to land hits from ranged safely is absurd. TTK is so low for mage that it just makes the fight clearly one sided.

  3. Homing. We are back to square one with people just sticking to you no matter how much you dodge. Homing should not be a thing in a melee based combat, Lunges should. but if you make someone lunge than have a single moment lunge instead of every hit. You just make the game less skillful when things home and lock onto people.

4.Roots. Just remove or rework them. Dodging inside of the roots doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t feel immersive, it doesn’t solve the issue of how roots work. You are still stuck and then slowed because of some shower that was easy as hell to land. Or some grav well that can be thrown at a clump of people and still desync you if you don’t wait a second.

  1. Dodges, you didn’t solve the issue of iframing because you still don’t understand why its powerful. If you want to balance dodges you need to follow the rules of frame data, start up, active, and recovery. Dodges in NW right now are iframe (Aka active) throughout the entire animation. This gives off the “Infinite” iframe effect. Once you implement a change like that dodges should have a quarter the amount of iframes in a dodge. To balance that out you give all dodges more frequency to compensate for the less iframes.

Arenas is a good addition to the game, but the overall experience with combat is so horrid that i indefinitely want to drop this game in its entirety. You’ve listen to individuals who have had their own interest at hand and have suggested such bad designs to you that you actually listen to them.

I do hope that NW gets a balance change but with this burst/root/m1 spam meta, the game is literally just pure cancer at this point.

Hi there Khailvngo, we really appreciate the detailed feedback on arenas, as it is a newer aspect of the game, we love to see what players are thinking of it. I will make sure this post makes its way up to the Dev team so they can read through it. Take care!

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