My experience in pve and mutations so far

When i returned to the game i always loved to play mage or use VG as battlemage . Tried to do mutations but everyone told me that no one will take you.

Am not a fan of hatchet/gs and other weps maybe only SNS i enjoy as light dps

After many practice and tried all kind of perks . I cleared all m10 with mage build and also did speed runs

My main build was vg/ig as melee caster and switch to FS and BB depends on modifier reduction

Also as light dps SNS managed to do that.

It was hard at first as barely anyone will take me as mage and i was clueless about perks and not ready to run very low cons

What i learned is don’t listen to ppl before you test it yourself with every kind of perks to reach the full dmg potential of any build you enjoy

It’s hard not braindead and that true but at the end i cleared all end game contents with builds that i enjoy and not listening to ppl who tried to force me to play what meta is

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