My experience so far

Today i hit 3.5k hours playtime and am still enjoying new world

game still need many improvements in pvp and pve /more contents + weps balance and buffs

Despite all bugs and problem nw currently has i still enjoy the game and hope the devs will improve the game more and make it better

Fourms currently full of negative feedback and inspire new players to quit or not to play

Is it worth to play nw ? For me yes and hoping that devs will take the right direction and create all kind of contents for all ppl who love pvp and pve


Forums don’t make people quit lol.

People get bored and fed up on their own.


This is the inconvenient truth these die-hard-fans refuse to acknowledge.

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I have 1800h and still having fun, too ^^

Gear management system + QoL for trophy stuff and I will have another 450h of fun, before I need new content :smiley:


I’m with you. I’m over 3k hours and still enjoying oprs and arenas. I’ve looked for other games but honestly there is nothing else out there that is as good as the full action combat in this game. Sure it has problems, but still better than anything else. The biggest issue I have with arenas and oprs are the same old players every time. Im really looking forward to cross server. Just wish it’d get here sooner.

No, we completely understand that people get tired of games and quit on their own. The people influenced by this forum is minimal compared to the overall playerbase. What we don’t understand is why certain people who don’t even play the game constantly spam this forum with negative posts and constantly promote other games. :thinking:. It’s like they just can’t get past the game and are stuck in this unhealthy cycle of negativity. And no, it’s not cause they want the game to get better.

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