My Feedback So Far

Joined an empty server on launch and felt like a new pioneer, my goals in mind were to push my trade skills up and eventually buy a house make food and sell it. While those goals are very nice, I was given the rude reality of New World on launch. I went against the group that wanted to join together the faction I was in, they say one thing but then do the opposite. They requested I hand over all my funds I had earned so far, and while a small donation wouldn’t hurt I wasn’t about to hand over my coins I’ve been collecting for that house I want.
The rumors of the company are horrendous on the server I play in, they spam the chat and not just recruitment channel with their advertisements on how they want to claim the whole map and everyone should donate to them. Honestly other then being annoying not bad, but then the first thing they do is the upper echelons of the company all buy themselves houses, then they purchase the territory, even up until now they sit on the market stocking materials with the donations they say will help them claim more territory.
If only it were the one company it would be fine, right? Well soon they got sister companies that would function as depots and would take orders from the top. And anyone in the faction that didn’t join them was in their way against them, so we were harassed. The company I was playing with eventually stopped struggling against them, outed me and joined them. Since I didn’t want to be a part of that mess, I am now struggling to do much anything other than harvest from time to time or otherwise. I get followed by small groups that do their best in skinning anything I kill, or following me around to harvest resources just to do so.

My overall experience with the game is good, the community is horrible thus far. I request for a server transfer sooner than later, I pre-ordered the game and I have dumped in $100+ onto the cosmetics out of support for this game. However, I am unable to enjoy it now.

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server transfers are free…

but another more badass option… swap to a different faction (you get one reroll before the 120 day minimum sets in ) and dedicate yourself to destroying the toxic companies you where exposed to.

Play the role of a vengeful outkast. perhaps be the purging force to set your preferred faction on the right track again lol… have fun with it.

Where is the option to switch factions?

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