My first thoughts as a HIGH TIER PvP player in almost all games i play

Here are some of my first time thoughts as a HUGE PvP Lover: Dodging should be fluid with the movement as in; after a dodge i shouldn’t need to stand in place for 1.2s and then run. Sprinting needs sped up to be honest, and you should get about 3 to 4 rolls to allow Agility based PvP fighters like me who play conan exiles or darksouls to have a play style in this game as such the armour types should effect the amount of times you dodge and stam recovery as well as should weapons too if they dont already (Havent tested those yet) I dont see why you get 3 dodges in medium and 2 in light… the dodge system needs stam usage down or something to allow 4 rolls and light should have the most rolls since it is light and would ideally drain less stam and there needs to be sprint attacks or something to catch people running away that is not just an ability or a ranged weapon. this would allow a Melee PvP focus for players like me who do not care about ranged and want to fight in the thick of it!! and it would allow melee fighters like me to stop people just sprinting away in a straight line and waiting for skills to be available again, when this happens it gives me Dynasty warriors online vibes of just running and waiting for Musou to pop hit and running again…

This type of combat system will make PvP less enjoyable for the PvP crowd… people should be punished more in PvP for not strafing or moving around properly to add a PvP skill gap for sure etc. The blocking needs a little work. I see myself wanting to use it but dodging just seems more effective. There is no Stamina drain on attacks… that in a MMO I see being regular standard practice, but it makes for a very spammy type of combat system. The stam needs worked on. as when you attack it takes stamina. so your blocks will be more effective OR let your attacks be stamless and make some of the abilities take stam. this will add a dynamic to the game to make sure people play more strategic and less spammy. Being stammed out… the fatigue system is GREAT but only 2 dodges is ehhh Not so good when i can just spam my abilities and attacks and just dodge spam.

This needs attention as to make PvP more fun and enjoyable and there needs to be more incentive to WANT to flag for PvP if that is how you intend to make the system work instead of free reign open PvP. I Mean You get a LITTLE more EXP, But if I kill a player I should be getting a lot more rewarded than I already do. Just my opinion on that matter…

Now for the blocking fix I would refer to how Conquerors Blade does their blocking, It is its own Gauge and not stamina based so you can still be caught with a “Broken Block” but it allows you to use the block and dodge and be able to combo better and mesh between the two…Blocks should be able to block skills and CC and not be destroyed and fatigued or broken… since this will add the Heavy attack to be more viable in combat so you can break shields… I get some of the abilities must break shields but I just find that is how it should really be… there needs to be more responses from my Dodge. I find myself hitting dodge and my player sometimes not dodging at all… this is a bug I am sure and needs fixed…

I ALSO think a lot more things need fixed but lets look at these things I have mentioned and debate and or look for solutions first guys!!! I Love PvP and have done it on many games FOR YEARS, It was and still is my bread and butter…also Attacks from a PvP perspective should also have a stagger to allow a more dynamic Hit block and etc type of play style. Just like Conan does, with the stagger on hits there should be stam consumption on hits as well to mitigate stagger lock and etc. there needs to be more skills to break CC and etc but i digress again I love the game and hope they listen to this! I have a lot of helpful opinions and feedback if they are interested. also I will hopefully be making more of these PvP forum posts to bring balance and fun back to PvP! stay tuned

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EDIT: I keep hearing the 1handed axe was the reason the stun or stagger was removed… why? that means the weapon itself is needing a slight nerf or balance… not a PvP fight mechanic… That is my opinion on that matter. the axe is already a tad bit O.P with its berserk ability and chasing abilities. Great axe and Hammer are just as O.P with the fact the vortext or gravity field is almost near unescapable with the fact you cannot dodge out of it… which needs changed badly. in my opinion. Any kind of stagger with this method of PvP style I mentioned above should allow the dodge to get out of it and especially if we do the 4-6 dodges and attacks take stam etc. knock downs are a different story. this makes the game more skillful in those terms. imho. also forgot to mention i am a firm believer in them adding the ability to faint or the ability to attack and block before the animation finishes to make the combat more tactic like. i am slo a firm believer in Fluid movement after my hit has reached the damage window maybe a little after i should be able to dodge. i shouldn’t be stuck standing still for 1.2s like the dodge makes you do… if i am sprinting and i want to roll and run i should be able to roll and right off getting up be running. not standing still


Devs, listen to this guy, I agree with all.


My dude, could you split your wall of text into a few paragraphs? Would make it a lot more readable.


Lol @ them so we can get me in this inner circle to help the combat out hahaha. Thanks for the support man. If you want. I have a YT i upload to alot and intent to make more New World Content if you wanna go sub i would really appreciate it

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Ah i just got up but sure. I just posted from what my first impressions were. I will split it up 1 sec

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My eyes :sweat_smile: :nerd_face:


Haha. It was just written. My B man, i just got up and was still editing it as it was posted to allow attention to gather to it

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So we had a lot of that in early Alpha. Firing squads farming EXP. I kill you 1000 times then you kill me 1000 times= LVL 60. Infinite stunt lock if 2 on 1, farming PVP faction quests for hours on loop, etc etc. Every PVP incentive was removed one by one due to player abuse, until there was nothing left. Now they threw 5% token incentive back in.

In short we were our own worst enemy and AGS decided PVP is not a priority at launch.


It looks way better now! Good Job.


Honestly, its just one big “yes” - good text !


Well see, we dont need EXP for rewards… Allow PvP to be PvP and if you die I can get copies of your armour or weapons as a guaranteed drop or something. It can be abused for sure… but that is going to happen with WHATEVER they add to the game… it is just how us PvP players operate. Maybe add something like whatever you farmed i get half of or something. just something… you know?


Isnt glory enough for you? :cowboy_hat_face:. On a serious note I do get you’re point.

Alpha testers were begging for PVP servers with PVP server rules for 2 years now.

Its nearly impossible to balance PVP and PVE in this style combat.

They just concentrating on launch now. They did promise not to abandon PVP players. Future will tell.

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Glory hahaha. aka No one in the right mind will get anything from PvP so why PvP at all Lol. Yeah i am glad you get my Point… just feels like theyre doing what Conan exiles did and abandoning the PvP focus which will… even though these guys have awesome PvE content… it will drive alot of the player base away the same way. PvP in this game is what alot of players i know in the end game strive for. I for one hope they implement and or fix the issues i stated above to allow a more skill based combat system and not become a ESO meets conquerors blade rip off. i seen this game marketed as a True survival True MMO PVP experience and it has yet to feel that way to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope not…I WANT THAT PVP SERVER 100% let us get that seperate server PvP and PvE-C and PvE… Please let this be the case. and allow server transfers

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It has not been marketed like that for over 2 years. They changed the game to Theme park MMO. All your missions are on rails now. PVP is not part of the game progression.

Wait till WAR. That is still a lot of fun.

Speak for yourself, I hate pve exp gring and love when I can lvl up by doing just pvp.


Well i just want rewarded with better weapons to allow the grind to be easier :stuck_out_tongue: EXP is too exploitable but They need to def add the ability to have a PvP server with survival loot features etc

Yeah If they have spammy combat and just ability spam and etc… And make it like a ESO and WoW copy etc. i will not continue to play it. I seen this combat more like conquerors blade and or Conan exiles and darksouls which is what drew me to it

Combat was much better before January update. But it was too complex for some, so they dumbed it down to this.
It was very risk reward. You had to time you block and strikes, manage your stamina, and wait for perfect combo opportunity. You could one combo a player if done right. But that took skill and time. So we make TTK half the time with instant spam.