My fishing ideas

  • right now I’ve resigned as my company fisherman because 3 star hotspots are not giving any fish for me only chests and that’s cool id be fine with it if I got fishing related things but I don’t, I get jewel crafting items, I’m a fisherman why do I want T1 gems and silver the easiest mats to get in jewel crafting. granted I get platinum and some T5 jewels but I don’t use them and they don’t sell. if you are going to take the gold from treasure chest at least add fishing related things like super bait or gear.

  • Legendary fish should be in the aptitude crates and other good fishing things also its totally not worth the crazy amount of exp it takes to get them fishing already was a un common love but now even I cant love it.

  • Overall i think fishing is great i enjoy watching a show and fishing but i just feel it could be so much more with its own crafting station for bait and rods and crab/lobster traps you can set and fill with bait for different Crustaceans and even crawdads for fresh water.

  • For my last point i want to say i loved the fishing quest line, when i finished it it felt good i had ne wr=gear and a sweet rod more fishing based stuff would be cool because its already i nice system why not utilize it more like a boss you fish up so company fisherman can have another job for their company other than legendary fish.


Great idea but it would be better if instead of legendary fish, aptitude crate (the third crate) gave us legendary T5 bait (1-2) that guarantee legendary fish on cast. For example if we use that bait on Everfall open waters then we would get Mandje-Mandje and so on.

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