My friend can't join me

Hi everyone, due to character creation disabled on my server for 2 week my friends can’t join me
This server is not even full, half capacity all the time

what’s the point ? that’s a shame. they started on the free week end & buy the game hoping at the end they could move to my server, first theyre toon are now on empty server so 2 days lost for nothing & now they can’t even join me on a half empty server…

I understand your frustration.

Lockdown is done to prevent long queues… game studios do this all the time. In fact Square Enix even stopped selling FFXIV for a while due to an unexpected player base encrease…

Your server might feel half empty due to low concurrent players, bit that doesn’t necessarily means it has low population

as i could see on it’s half empty 20h/24h

Great I hope you and your friend learned that speculation can be bad.

speculation ? we just want to play together on a empty MMO who block server

The server was locked when F2P started. So I can’t follow the though of “oh I buy the game they will for sure unlock it by then.”

If its that important go change the server or create a new character with your friend.

That domain ( doesn’t have any dns records….

what are you up to?

edit the link… the domain should point to .info and not .com

we have wasted enough time seriously, go on another server & in 1 month when other friend want to join, we change again ?

If you join a high pop server that can happen yes. Chances are low but that can happen. But then it would be different because the server wasnt locked already before your friend bought the game. Do you understand that?

if we join low pop server, we got merge on big server & can’t join 1 month later anyway

it’s stupid to block half empty server

But how do you know is half empty?

concurrent =/= total players

on new world DB i can see, how much people connect to the server each day, by hours won’t you ?

But can you see the total of players that have at least one character on any particular server?

unless I’m blind (which is possible) I can only see the number of concurrent player (min/mean/max)…

My point is the server can have 10K players and have 10/2000 concurrent because engagement is at its low. Character creation lockdown takes into account total player count too

Ok, i understand ur point. but when i see for the past month it’s half empty… i’m a bit disapointed…

can’t go on low pop cause they merge & got full, can’t go on mid pop cause locked by ghostpeople. No place are safe for you to play with your friend, if they want to join you like next month…

Yeah, I understand…
Is not a good state for the game and they really need to pay attention to this…

I’m dealing with a similar issue, I got merged from city of brass to castle of steel. I’m in a company I’ve been playing with for a long time now. And I was just able to finish building my girlfriend a pc just so she could play new world with us. But unfortunately she’s locked out of the server and I’m already to close to all my friends to be willing to transfer and leave all the behind. You guys really should rethink what you’re doing because it’s really hurting the players who are trying to play with friends and in my opinion that’s what mmos are for

we find a good game, wan’t to bring some friend, but we can’t… It’s like they don’t want more player

Get gud