My General Feedback (PvP orientated?)

Hi all - first time posting here. I’ve been playing since just after launch and am now on the BiFrost server after a xfer from low pop. All my various skills are 200 apart from Fishing/Jewelcrafting, my gearscore is 600 in all slots apart from jewellery.

I guess I thought it might be useful to give some general feedback on changes and improvements I think might benefit players that are in a similar position to myself (I am well aware much of this will have been suggested many times, but wanted to throw it down anyway).

I am a solo player - never joined any sort of guild, and my focus is PvP - although since I am solo I do not tend to PvP flag, but I play a lot of outpost rush. I do genuinely enjoy the PvP in this game and although there are some obvious balance issues, for such a new game I think it has a bright future in this respect, however some of my comments would be

  1. Give us more PvP content to do! This one I am sure is covered a lot, but being sort of “maxed out” in many parts of the game, what I want is to be able to take part in far more PvP modes than just OPR - like the rumoured 2v2, 3v3 arena’s would be a great start, and interesting new modes in the OPR vein would be great too. Naturally as a solo chap I am not too interested in wars / territory, so these other modes would be great and really help the really good bones for PvP you have to shine.

Just a couple more interesting modes would keep me quiet for months.

  1. Make it rewarding / progressive in nature. Right now of course OPR gives little but some trash drops and a bit of gold, and soon the gypsum (I won’t be interested in this for long though as no doubt my jewellery will all be approaching 600 fairly soon after patch day). Of course something like a ranking / progression system that builds the more you perform well in various PvP modes would be great, with various (balanced) reward involved as you progress.

  2. Do something to bring back the fun “gathering” feel we all had during lower levels! Right now I have not had to go to gather a single ingredient in many weeks - it just makes far more sense to make my money in other ways (getting loot drops, playing the auction house) and to buy everything I need using that money. The best thing when the auction house got closed down is I went and gathered to progress some skills / make some armour, and actually I realised I had missed it, and there is a good feeling wearing armour you’ve crafted using items you have had to explore and gather for. I am not totally sure on how to do this - but having some materials as Bind On Pickup might be something in explore (but please not super rare so I have to farm 1000 orichalcum nodes for my one BoP drop as that isn’t really the feeling I am looking for). Honestly I would be perfectly happy if ALL materials were BoP, if you’d just give us a good amount of extra nodes to make it sensible to get um - I think people would enjoy crafting and gathering much more if they knew it was all going to their own advancement and it not all being about generating money to use the auction house solve all their gear/crafting problems.

  3. Please improve the auction house! I am sure you know this, but the whole system needs work just to make it passably sensible experience. I won’t go into details as I am sure it’s all been covered before.

  4. Don’t make it so damn easy to gear the very best items! I am used to a fairly hard grind (going back to Everquest etc) and the idea that I am basically “done” after a few short months doesn’t feel so good. Yes I need to get some rolls for second/third perks on legendary gear (which it sounds like the new crafting update will make it much easier to get to) - I am in favour of making crafting more sensible, but I wonder if giving everyone who bothers to level their crafting a simple route to guaranteed 600 rolls with a particular perk and stat is a bit too much of a shortcut (just my personal feeling).

Just my personal standpoint, but I was also disappointed you rolled back on the gearscore changes and made it so individuals can still buy their very high gearscore items right away from the auction house and still benefit greatly from this (ie its an average of expertise and item GS) which seems pretty soft to me and still just means “grind gold, buy good gear” or “grind gold, level crafting, get your 600s”. I know it’s an unpopular opinion but it’s all just a little too easy for my tastes - and whats more, no real elite levels of gear are available here (yes someone with perfect gear may have a few more perks than your average joe, but they are gonna be pretty darn close to one another in reality).

Anyway, I could go on but those points are what occupies me most of the time - primarily “give us more to do that isn’t about gearscore grinding quickly!” - I do enjoy the game and I don’t want everyone to just down tools because there really isn’t anything to occupy you after a certain time.


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