My guild crafter account got unjustly banned

please don’t forget about the FACT that devs gave players some band spree and do so to players without considering the benefit of the doubt. this shit is unfair.

GFStealer-666 was my crafter in the guild. he crafted 3 voidbent armor for me while i was in the guild before he got banned. i swear he didnt try to do voidbent armor duplicate bug but everytime he tried to trade crafted armor to me, the trade was always fail that i didnt receive the item from trading. If this happened he need to relog to be able to trade item for me after crafting. PLEASE dont let the game bug ruin the game, He didnt tried to dupe any item he just want to trade but it failed so he need to relog

Community flagged my post for being honest about the CS staff… typical FB behavior

where is the justice

:sob: :sob: :sob:

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HI @n.thaveeraksa!

I hope you are doing just fine!

I am not able to help your friend with the appeal as we are not allowed to help with ban appeals on the forums.

The only thing I can recommend is that your friend sends another appeal seeing that you are not satisfied how the previous appeal went.

Just in case here is the ban appeal link.

Just informing you that all of the bans are made manually and the moderators of the game take each case carefully so no mistakes slip through but of course we are human.

Hopefully this helps! Take care!

Thanks for your recommendation, in my case I sent the appeal more than 3 times yet.
I still have a hope that my friend will be unbanned, and absolutely confirm that my friends play this game fair without any duplicating items at all!

So I will send the appeal in 4th times,

Thanks! @Hunden

There is a youtube post of a guy gettign mass reported by the community and him gettign a 23 hour ban withing minutes…You see the injustice in all of this if it really is manual… We report bots for weeks and some are still in game. But players in wars and just playing get mass reported and auto banned. If a real person saw this and just banned them without looking for details that is very unfortunate. I wish the game could do better with the CS… We really do care about the game…

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Hello travelers,

Thank you for your interest in understanding the ban and appeal process,

As @Hunden said with the appeal submitted a team will review your or your friends case thoroughly.

However if the appeal was merited the response will continue to be the same.

You can send your appeals here:

Please don’t send more than one appeal at the time.

I hope this helps clarify the doubts you might have!