My hopes for the next content drop and what I think are top priorities to focus on to make NW even greater!

Visual variety:

I think more visual variety in both the environment as well as its living creatures would definitely make this awesome game even better. Especially themes based on corruption and a corrupted version of all currently in game models as well as new enemy NPC ones based on player characters wearing different gear sets with corrupted style weapons equipped that have a chance to drop from corrupted elite mini bosses in the open world.

Endgame PVE:

An attacking mode for 50 man invasions would be nice to have as a way for players to initiate 50 man PVE invasion raids outside of the War system and with that NW could really tick all the boxes. Especially awesome if we could get different invasion maps and bosses.

Also having a level 60 version of all current and future expeditions would be nice so that the impatient whiners can finally stop complaining about the lack of PVE endgame.

More timed boss arenas would be nice. Really liking the idea of a timed boss dungeon without trash mobs. A leaderboard to go with it would be nice.

Open world boss fights that require 40+ people to beat would also be nice.

Mounts and swimming:

An intricate mount system with gearing and leveling as part of it and a swimming mode that automatically replaces your gear with a customizable bikini via the shop would also be awesome to see added soon. Rafts can replace swimming altogether if that’s a quicker solution while we wait for a swimming and diving mode together with underwater content.


For rated PvP, an open world dueling arena for multiple level brackets would be great!


To spice up combat, I’d love to see active trinkets added with offensive, defensive and utility (like slow fall for example) active abilities that can be crafted or farmed from different types of content.

Character customization:

Would be nice to see this feature added to the shop.

That’s what I’m hoping to see next. Thanks for reading.

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Content? The content in this game was the interactions with other players. The PVP. They took that out. What exactly do you think is coming next? lol

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