My humble Suggestions to the AGS & Game Developers


I’ve been lurking in this forum since the beginning playing Beta. I’ve played 1700 hours of it since launch. I feel that it is time now to offer suggestions to AGS and their development team based on my experience with the game. As a background, my and my gaming community friends started playing this game since launch about 10 of us. That number has decreased over time and for once I’m left playing this game solo/duo as the remaining members are trying out the other MMO game.

As a current feedback, the game has gone stale. People are losing interest or have lost interest. There is no real motivation to play the game. I remain playing this game as there are no other viable option for me. As soon as there is, I might be gone as well.

I am already beyond money’s worth for this game with the hours that I played. I’d like to play more of New World and enjoy it with my friends and people I meet in this game, Here I offer strategic feedbacks for AGS & your team of developers to shape the future of this wonderful game that you have, hopefully it will last according to what I feel is priority:

  1. MMO is a Social Platform, Priority 1
    The reason I’m drawn to play this game is because of the opportunity to play with my friends and enjoy the game together and meet new people in the game. I feel its the same for many other players. It is worthless if you have all the money, all the gears, all the luck in game and you can’t share your happiness with anybody. New World has very basic features around this concept of social gaming. Please enhance the social aspect of the game. For example, found and recruited a company member in game. He’s slowly becoming more interactive with us and being accepted in our Discord community. It is very difficult for us to help him in the game. He can’t even share his quest. This disconnect between a new player and an already established player is harmful to the game. There should be features in the game like quest sharing, rewards for assisting, loot sharing etc that helps bridge the gap between varying levels / progression of the game. We have grinded for our gears, a new player should not have to go through what we did if another player can help them. Most of our members do not want to get back in because of how much grind they need to do to catch up. I also see new players purchasing the game, gets stuck because hardly anybody who is online at their level that can band together and complete quests. It is a lonely road levelling up in New World at the moment. I’d like to help them but the game is making it difficult for us to help and socialise. Even chat is bugged after switching instances (dungeons / OPRs).

  2. Grind is not Content, Grind is not MMO
    The reason why, for me at least, I can’t spend time to socialise in this game is because of the daily grind. I have to craft my daily legendary mats, I have to craft my orbs, I have to farm my low level mats since its too expensive at TP. It feels like a chore and like a second job. Games should be fun. I get it that people say, even me sometimes that MMO is grind. But it doesn’t have to be designed that way. Players should be able to CHOOSE to grind, Not the game designed for grinding. Grind is not content. Running the same dungeon hundreds of times is not content. Doing the same thing every single day over and over again is not new content. AGS wanted players to explore the varieties of game contents by introducing gypsum orbs. That’s fine but it is a daily chore now. Again, if we don’t grind we stand to be left out from the rest of the pack.

AGS even reduced the amount of materials per gather (switched gathering amount to gathering speed, nerf to spawns, nerf to amount per animal). I don’t want to be there, spending half a day to farm my mats. That’s work. Not a game. Some people will be unhappy, but you need to cater for the masses. And the masses (0.9 million concurrent players who bought this game) are not playing it right now. Worst of all the grind feels unrewarding. I grinded for my legendary mats, craft and RNG is bad. I have to re-grind or get money to try and beat the RNG. I don’t make any profit crafting due to the salvage returns and bad RNG.

My suggestion here is that please don’t introduce more grind and make it less grindy for returning players. One way of doing that is improving the gathering yield or reducing the cost of refining / crafting. I hope AGS expands the map and introduces new contents soon, be it PVP or PVE.

  1. Smart Timegating
    Daily reset concept is the way to go. I suggest at 12 midnight everything resets. Dungeon orbs, elite chests, legendary mat crafting, gypsums et cetera. Players should be able to choose what they want to play on the day, not the game mechanics forcing them to do something. If I want to help out a friend, new company member, I shouldn’t be punished by missing out on a timer. For example if I craft asmodeum 8PM yesterday, now I have to wait 8PM tonight to craft again. A company member logs on, asking for help. If I help them, this will drag the timer to close to midnight which basically means I lost a day’s worth of timer. People need to sleep. Daily reset at a specific time is more flexible for players and we dont have to keep track of so many timers. Dungeons should be daily reset not a weekly timer. I get it that AGS don’t want people to breeze through a “content”, but grinders will always find a way. Cater to the masses, not them.

  2. Bugs, Imbalances & Fixes
    I am okayish with AGS bug fixes so far. You have addressed dupes, major bugs etc but needs to be faster. For example the current hatchet bug, IG bug, speed bug, movement bug are game breaking and should be addressed urgently. I don’t see a lot of bots around and clearly AGS is addressing that. Any attempts to balance the game, such as weapons balances, should be done after the bugs are fixed. For example, why balance the weapons if IG bug is not addressed? OPR doesn’t feel good, War doesn’t feel good. GA was imba, by nerfing it, plus the state of current VG which is also imba, the combination of these two plus IG bug makes a very unenjoyable PVP experience. A support weapon shouldn’t be able to burst down 13k HP heavy gear on its own and outperform every melee weapon out there. As a healer, I’m being forced to run VG offhand for min maxers as they do mutations. I trust AGS will do the right thing and do not ignore feedbacks received from forum members. My feedback is that melee is not in a good state at the moment. They are just meat shields.

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